1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-29 . #

  2. RT @holytweeting St Oswald Foundation: Papism.... . [This is an interesting read. I disagree somewhat. I'm not Orthodox.] #

  3. Geithner is false. The AIG bailout did not stave off catastrophic failure of the economy. It was for a parasitic sector only. End usury. #

  4. The U.S. Senate is evil on nearly every front. Rather than move to dissolve the Fed, they reconfirmed Ben Bernanke as it's Chairman. #

  5. Businesses will receive a $5K tax credit for each worker hired & reimbursements of Social Security taxes. That's socialism for capitalists. #

  6. Reportedly, Hillary Clinton is against a peace deal with the Taliban's leadership. Blessed are the peacemakers, so what is she? #

  7. The U.S. is using the taxes of the poor to bribe Pashtuns to cave into greedy imperial domination over Afghanistan for poppies & pipelines. #

  8. Without any evidence against Iran, the U.S. Senate voted more sanctions against Iran. No one who voted that way is fit to lead. #

  9. China & Russia are playing games not flat out publicly telling the U.S. & Israel to put up hard Iranian nuclear-weapons evidence or shut up. #

  10. Iran has every mundane legal right to enrich uranium. They can even build nuclear bombs, just like Israel, India, Pakistan, France.... #

  11. Iran can walk away from the NPT. It's in the agreement. They haven't done that, and there's no proof they are building nukes or want to. #

  12. Hillary Clinton is a fascist Zionist who hates Iranians & is ready to wipe them off the map for not knuckling under to her dictatorship. #

  13. Oh, people will say that Hillary is not a dictator. She's trying to dictate to the Iranians for the Zionists and U.S. Empire. #

  14. Punish Iran without evidence; otherwise, the illegitimate, racist Zionist Project "will feel its very existence threatened," said Hillary. #

  15. Hillary said the "will feel its very existence threatened" part. The rest is mine and the truth. #

  16. Concerning FEMA trailers to Haiti, so long as they aren't poisonous, it's a great idea. #

  17. FEMA trailers could be tested. It wouldn't be that hard to do it right. The ones that don't pass should be dismantled & dealt with properly. #

  18. All the tent cities in the U.S. should have been handled this way too since the greedy system threw families on streets and to live in cars. #

  19. Wow, even if James O'Keefe is telling the truth about not planning to bug Senator Landrieu's office, did he ever do a really stupid thing. #

  20. James's statment: I hope he's innocent of the bugging idea. #

  21. "Jewish cemetery desecrated in eastern France" is in with Religious News on Yahoo, but most Jews say Jewishness doesn't mean religion. #

  22. Should Jewish news still be on the religion pages since Judaism is the religion now according to most self-identified Jews? #

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