1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 18, 2010 #

  2. Stop Violence Against Women in the Congo | Link TV #

  3. JP Morgan Chase worst mountaintop-removal US financier #

  4. The same type of people who were against the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act and recycling, etc., are against alternative, clean energy. #

  5. Elton John claims Jesus was homosexual. The Apostles hotly debated Moses' Law (circumcision, etc), but not homosexuality. Idiotic! #

  6. Elton John claims Jesus was gay #

  7. RT @tweetmeme Corporations Cause $2.2T in Environmental Damage Every Year | #

  8. Corporate Damage To Environment $2,200,000,000,000 Annually #

  9. Yukiya Amano of the IAEA says Iran might have a nuclear-weapons program. That means Yukiya Amano thinks they might not have one too. #

  10. IAEA: Teheran may be working on arms #

  11. Corporate Damage To Environment $2,200,000,000,000 Annually.. . #

  12. Refreshing on a certain level: #

  13. I'm now following @alancolmes #

  14. Big Walter Horton – Little Boy Blue #

  15. Buddy Guy – I Smell Trouble #

  16. Sonny Boy Williamson – Your Funeral And My Trial #

  17. Howlin' Wolf – I Ain't Superstitious #

  18. Big Bill Broonzy – Glory Of Love #

  19. Magic Sam – All Your Love #

  20. James Cotton – No Cuttin' Loose #

  21. Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O'Lee #

  22. Junior Wells – We're Ready #

  23. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Work Song #

  24. The Reut Institute reduces human rights to capitalistic jargon. #

  25. Human rights for Palestinians is "trendy." "Israel = Apartheid" is "branding." The shallowness is astonishing. This is why they fail. #

  26. If they want false-Zionist Israel to become legitimate, then let them be the first nation to practice the Golden Rule as Yahoshua Mashiyach. #

  27. Yahoshua Mashiyach = Jesus Christ #

  28. They also falsely suggest that coming to peaceful terms with the Arabs in Palestine/Israel won't render them legitimate in the world's eyes. #

  29. If they were to practice the Golden Rule as Yahoshua Mashiyach, I would back them with my all, as would many others. #

  30. They are appealing not on moral grounds but simply on "winning" grounds. It's a failed mentality. Morality is winning. #

  31. It should not be lost on any that "Morality is winning" is winning Palestinians too. They are rightly moving to non-violent resistance. #

  32. The Reut Institute is preaching evil. Attempting forever to beat righteousness is to be the worst of the worst and to suffer accordingly. #

  33. Nasrallah: "We do not need tanks and planes...[Israel] is weaker than a spider web." (7/31/06) #

  34. Ahmadinejad: "Israel is on a crash course...just like the Soviet Union disappeared." (12/2/06) #

  35. Abu Mussa Marzouk: "Failure of the political process will bring about the destruction of Israel." (5/15/07) #

  36. Those are the types of statements the Reut Institute misinterprets, fears, and conflates with the "left." #

  37. "to turn Israel into the Apartheid South Africa of the 21st century" #

  38. "Reut's report distinguishes between 'soft critics' of Israel and 'hard-core delegitimizers.'" One cannot de- something that was not. #

  39. Post-WWII Zionist activities in Palestine were & are especially reprehensible & inexcusable: abused become abusers & branding "Holocaust." #

  40. The Zionists used terrorism and still do against the Palestinians, all to take the land by evil means. #

  41. "I begin to bring evil on the city which is called by my name, and should ye be utterly unpunished? Ye shall not be unpunished." (Jer 25:29) #

  42. The Reut Institute doesn't believe that. They have their trust in humanist technology and so-called "science" and mammon. #

  43. "Drive a wedge between...soft and hard core critics." Anti-Zionists (not anti-Jew) don't cede psychological, intellectual, moral ground. #

  44. Those the Reut Institute calls "soft" are seeing the Apartheid, supremacist evil of the Zionist Project. Zionist complaints make it clear. #

  45. "Be wary of 'strange bedfellows' such as right-wing and evangelical organizations." Oh, do this! #

  46. "Brand Israel away from its image as purely a place of conflict." Don't brand it. Make it. #

  47. "Establish a 'price tag' for attacking Israel and punish boycotters." "Do unto...." Don't be shallow. Bless them by changing. #

  48. "Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him;... [cont.] #

  49. [cont.] ...lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, ... [cont.] #

  50. [cont.] ...and thou be cast into prison." (Matthew 5:25) #

  51. That's about cause and effect: consequences. No technology or psy-ops will protect against evil visiting evil. It's just the way of it. #

  52. See shallow, Zionist psychological manipulations: #

  53. Did the Mossad use British, Irish, French & German forged/stolen passports in the assassination of a member of Hamas while he was in Dubai? #

  54. "If the Israeli government was party to behavior of this kind, it would be a serious violation of trust between nations." Menzies Campbell #

  55. Man faces jail for taking [his] daughter to church. #

  56. Mr. Reyes has reportedly said there was no specific agreement to raise his daughter as Jewish. If true, the court had no... [cont.] #

  57. [cont.] issuing a restraining order to attempt to prevent him from taking his daughter to church or having her baptized. #

  58. The lack of news concerning the Afghan War is evidence of a conspiracy of near silence by the MSM saying just enough for deniability. #

  59. Oceans are becoming more acidic. #

  60. HEADLINES: Civilians are murdered in Afghanistan by NATO forces. Honduras' fascism continues apace. Haiti is curse by U.S. power hunger #

  61. Who drummed up the illegal invasion of Iraq? The core U.S. neocons did. Who are they? They are Zionists. #

  62. Who's drumming up the illegal attack on Iran? The core Israeli Likudniks are. Who are they? They are Zionists. #

  63. Obama is taking credit for averting economic depression. He made a huge hole getting deeper by plowing money and power into Wall Street. #

  64. Obama is concerned we confuse the bailout with the stimulus. The bailout too was supposed to stimulate. It was bait & switch he didn't end. #

  65. "...deregulation...of Reagan and Thatcher. In the quarter-century before...first extended financial crisis." — Joseph Stiglitz #

  66. Deregulation (unbridled greed) brought economic crisis after economic crisis. #

  67. Deficit hawks are wrong. It's not how much but where we spend. Spend on full-employment, productive, public jobs & high-skills training. #

  68. I say that Obama has done about 5% of what FDR did. What we needed was about 400% of what FDR did. #

  69. History will prove me right. We should not have listened to deficit hawks or bailed out banksters but created full, public employment. #

  70. Is the United States a democratic republic or capitalist state? #

  71. Are the people of the United States democrats or mere consumers supposedly voting with their wallets? #

  72. Joseph Stack flew a small plane into an IRS building. A pre-flight, full-body scan wouldn't have help. Fairness would have though. #

  73. Oh brother, here it comes: Obama's panel on the national deficit. They will say to slash entitlements rather then the stinking Pentagon. #

  74. I could eliminate the National Debt and put everybody to work in a matter of a few weeks, even just days with enough cooperation. #


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