1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 20, 2010 #

  2. @beecozz You wrote, "Satan uses scripture too!" He always misapplies it. I don't. You said, "...too." It means you know I'm not Satan. in reply to beecozz #

  3. @JIDF You wrote, "what about religious zionists? who exactly is the ignoramus?" What about them? I'm a religious Zionist. What's your point? in reply to JIDF #

  4. Obama's Stealth Entitlement Commission [I'm not alone!] #

  5. ...radical Martin Luther King scrubbed ...hijacked by... corporations that hijacked Obama...Congressional Black Caucus? #

  6. "A Corporate Hijacking of the MLK Memorial?" http://www.singlepayeraction.o.....og/?p=2111 #

  7. I favorited a YouTube video — Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran #

  8. Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran #

  9. except the neocons "fear" untraceable suitcase... bombs #

  10. An untraceable bomb delivered by suicide could come from any willing nation-state, group, or person. The neocons wouldn't know whom to hit. #

  11. The solution isn't preemptive or preventive strikes on mere suspects but rather total, global, voluntary disarmament. #

  12. The Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal, collective punishment under international law, but Zionists "brand" their Zionist regime as legit. #

  13. Gaza blockade suffocates #

  14. Among the many problems are tax cuts for the superrich, Ponzi-bankster bailouts, raids on the Social Security trust fund, and insane wars. #

  15. They knew the Laffer Curve wouldn't work. The ultra-rich scream for entitlement cuts to redistribute worker's wages back to the wealthiest. #

  16. In 2007, I wrote the "tax cuts for the rich" plan is to privatize entitlements (e.g. Social Security: a solvent trust) #

  17. "Wall Street Oligarchs Eying Social Security" I knew it during Reagan — FDR-knowledge. #

  18. Better late than never for Paul Craig Roberts though. Better late than never for us/me too concerning real Christianity. #

  19. Little fry Libertarian-capitalists are still missing the lessons of the Great Depression. Deregulation is the devouring spirit let loose. #

  20. Brooksley Born was right but was marginalized during Clinton. Marginalizers are still spewing the evil that is unregulated privatization. #

  21. They don't know how properly to regulate their feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. #

  22. Obama says lawyers' memos authorizing torture aren't "professional misconduct." He's a serpent chosen by serpents to cover serpents. #

  23. The FBI is still framing Bruce Ivins alone for the 2001 anthrax attacks. Timing, targets, Ivins' ideology, CIPRO, etc., point to a cover-up. #

  24. "How did we get to a point in America where you get to a certain age in life, regardless of net worth or income, and you're ... [cont.] #

  25. [cont.] ...'entitled'?" Alan Simpson. It's called compassion for the downtrodden, Alan. It's too bad you're such a... [cont.] #

  26. [cont.] ...hard-hearted suck-up that you have little to none of it. Everyone who has been foreclosed in his or her old age... [cont.] #

  27. [cont.] ...did not fail to play by the ostensible rules, Alan. You are a serpent, Alan. Repent, or... [cont.] #

  28. [cont.]'ll be entitled to a one-way ticket to Hell. #

  29. "Bipartisan" campaign targets US working class If that article doesn't... [cont.] #

  30. [cont.] ...convince you that Obama works for the plutocrats, you'll get what you deserve, in this life or the next, but you will get it. #

  31. Barack Obama is a complete serpent to have chosen Alan Simpson and bankster Erskine Bowles to head up a... [cont.] #

  32. [cont.] ...commission to make recommendations on entitlements. #

  33. Alan Simpson is saying that only predators deserve. How would he feel were he the prey? #

  34. The people are fed up with the banksters, so what does Obama do but appoint bankster-lovers to slash and privatize entitlements. #

  35. Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Nationalize all Federal Reserve Notes now. Make them all effectively interest-free United States Notes. #

  36. Take away all of the evil, corrupted and corrupting power of the banksters. The United States never had to borrow, especially at usury. #

  37. This is easy. It's fundamental. Don't let them trick you into thinking it's complicated. #

  38. Alan Simpson is a throwback. Social Security is a trust fund filled directly from workers' earnings. His question is moronic. #

  39. Before Social Security, life for many of the aged, most of whom worked hard all their lives, was poverty stricken at best. #

  40. One has to be an extremely hard-hearted person to want to go back to how things were before the New Deal. #

  41. One has to be an extremely evil person to want the Wall Street banksters to privatize everything they want. #

  42. Overly limited government brought toxic derivatives & securitization poisoning the economy. Why does the Tea Party want more deregulation? #

  43. Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies #

  44. I just listened to "Glenn Beck's Keynote Speech At CPAC (Part 1) - 02/20/10." He called Teddy Roosevelt a Marxist. TR was no Marxist. #

  45. Beck only first read TR after McCain said TR was McCain's hero. Beck is a disciple of W. Cleon Skousen. Watch out! #

  46. Beck puts down government spending; however, the stimulus was not enough and was aimed at the wrong people. The bailout was what was wrong. #

  47. Once one gets passed the evil hearts behind it, deregulation, which meant not enough government, is what caused the problems. #

  48. Of course, there is wrong regulation. However, regulation, per se, is not inherently evil. #

  49. Coercion is the problem, but the unregulated (out-of-self-control) start forcing everyone else. #

  50. Did he have to pay to go down the street to get there? If he needs a cop or the fire department, does he check his bank account first? #

  51. He says government doesn't create jobs. Well then, let government stop all the military hiring. #

  52. Beck's attitude is to let the states, counties, cities, towns, and villages fire everyone. Who needs it according to Glenn Beck. #

  53. Glenn Beck would have you believe that the government shouldn't be the people's government. #

  54. Glenn Beck thinks the Constitution is reducible to protecting us from "bad guys." Being self-reliant, he doesn't need even that, does he? #

  55. He talks about charitable giving by Americans, but if the robber barons get there way, there won't be a middle class with money to spare. #

  56. He said Americans give 10x more per person than the French. The French give more through taxes and have the world's best health care system. #

  57. Also, per capita comparisons are not proper. Multibillionaires skew the stats, and the U.S. has much greater abject poverty. #

  58. Beck puts down socialism by pointing to Cuba, which has been under economic sanctions. Where's the free competition in that? #

  59. The Scandinavian countries have been largely socialist. Why doesn't he say how terrible life is there by comparison to the U.S.? #

  60. Then it really comes out. "Go watch the lions eat the weakest." Wow! Does that ever size up the anti-Christ spirit. #

  61. Even the lions know when to stop though. They are satisfied with enough. The predator capitalists don't know when to stop. #

  62. Beck doesn't like the Federal Reserve or the Income Tax. I agree but believe in universal health care. I want all the people to want it. #

  63. Beck is an obstacle though to the spirit of everyone being Christlike about the needs of everyone else. #

  64. He's against many of the right things to be against but it's from the wrong spirit that keeps him from being for things he should be for. #

  65. While he rails against Progressivism, he doesn't rail against the spirit of competition but cooperation even coming out from consensus. #

  66. Beck gives a superficial economics history lesson to the masses of "conservatives." He ignores the TVA, WPA, the superhighway system, etc. #

  67. I'm not hyping those, but they do fly in the face of Beck's assertions. #

  68. He ignores the downturn in the middle of FDR's stimulus due to FDR temporarily taking the advice of deficit hawks. #

  69. He ignores military Keynesianism (mixed economy). It put 6 million to work in Germany and put America back to work. Too bad it was military. #

  70. @JIDF There are Zionists, & then there are Zionists. Who qualifies every connotation with every use? I have a full context. It's peace. in reply to JIDF #

  71. Rising sea-level errors is no negation of warming. #


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