Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English

Tom Usher wrote or added | Spanish and English instruction, especially during prepubescence when learning multiple languages is easiest, is a perfectly good thing in public schools in America. Spanish-only wouldn't be thinking ahead of the welfare of children, but English-only is shortsighted and also mean-spirited when viewed in conjunction with the negative stereotyping concerning Mexicans and U.S. citizens of Mexican lineage going on right now.

Being multilingual is not a failure to assimilate. Besides, assimilation is not to be force-conformity where ethnicity, per se, is viewed as undesirable. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging one's bloodlines and family, tribal, and national histories, good and bad.

I'm not talking about aimlessly airing dirty laundry in public, although that should be no reason to condemn. Every bloodline has dirty laundry in need of cleaning. I'm for taking proverbial skeletons out of closets and pulverizing them, but that can be done in thoughtful privacy as an individual or close-knit family in the process of healing and reconciling, etc. If "brotherhood from sea to shining sea" means that, then I'm fine with it: sisterhood too, of course.

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