Insane move to somewhat copycat AZ's unconstitutional, anti-Mexican law: "SC Lawmakers...

Insane move to somewhat copycat AZ's unconstitutional, anti-Mexican law: "SC Lawmakers, Including F

Tom Usher wrote or added | You know, I read the Arizona law, and "reasonable suspicion" in that law, as I'm interpreting it, certainly can mean standing around where day laborers/casual laborers usually stand in the early AM to be picked up by anyone in need of such help.

Have you ever worked along side day laborers? Let me tell you, they can and often do work others under the table. Mexican workers are machines. That's the term my German (also human machine) friend uses to describe a worker who just keeps going. I've worked around hundreds of Mexicans in my days and found them generally to be steady, quiet, honest, interesting people.

The only thing right now wrong with Mexicanness is the hardheartedness spilling down from the greediest of the greedy at the top of the wrong-side up mammon pyramid created by the usurers (a.k.a. Wall Street and Federal Reserve "Banksters"). They have their Banksters in Mexico too, of course.

The terrible policies and practices of the elitists have set family members against family members. Get rid of the wicked system that is based upon selfishness, and all the problems of the cosmos would disappear until that spirit were to rear its ugly head(s) again.

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