Who's afraid of Gilad Atzmon? B'rith Kodesh synagogue & First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, USA?

Tom Usher wrote or added | Let's cross-link some things so people may more easily know who's who:

This is the Facebook Page of the synagogue of Rabbi Laurence Kotok, B'rith Kodesh synagogue, Rochester, New York, USA. He's the Reformed rabbi who reportedly leaned on the Unitarians to cancel the Gilad Atzmon talk at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester: here.

This is Rich Siegel's Facebook Group: "On the Masada 2000 S.H.I.T list and lovin' it!!": here. Rich was to appear with Gilad at the Unitarian church.

This is Gilad Atzmon's Facebook Page: here. That Page is from the Wikipedia, which Wikipedia entry has since changed: here. (Facebook historically has broken any links containing the # sign, so you may have to copy and paste the whole URL to be taken directly to that section of the Wiki article. Otherwise, just use the Wiki Table of Contents in the article or page down there to the section.) The charges of anti-Semitism are sweeping, and most people charged with this so-called "crime" in Europe aren't allowed to debate on the merits and facts but are rushed off to prison for the very reason of suppressing discussions on the merits and letting the people decide from the basis of being more fully informed. To be clear here, I am not a "holocaust denier." I am though aware of the "facts" that have changed over the years, such as that the Nazis made soap from the fat of Jews, along with other changed "facts." I take strong exception to anyone telling anyone else that he or she may not openly research anything he or she wants concerning the Nazis and Jews and others and to openly state findings or to wonder aloud about any aspect(s) thereof. The European laws on these matters are reprehensible and no favor to an informed citizenry. I denounce those laws. Let all sides present what they consider to be their evidence. Let the people decide for themselves. Telling people they can't research or discuss or form views and state them openly only to find out that the "facts" have changed and that Zionists had issued misleading and false information does not help the c
ause of the descendents of Jacob (Israel) anywhere. It rather makes things worse, as those who support the suppression of research, dissemination, discussion, and debate, etc., look to be masking even greater distortions for the sake of their own political and economic gain over the duped masses. Gilad's position on this point appears on its face to be in sync with mine. This is the Facebook Page of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York, USA: here. As explained above, this church canceled the Gilad Atzmon, Rich Siegel appearance at their church. The church has yet, as of the time and date of this writing (July 5, 2010, 12:50 PM US Pacific Time) to issue a public statement fully addressing the issues surrounding this controversy and the church's position on Zionism, per se. I have encouraged them to issue such a formal statement to set thing straight as much as they are able.

The First Unitarian Church of Rochester just deleted all negative Wall posts on their Facebook Page: here.

Here's what the co-ministers of that church had to say: "Dear Friends, "We appreciate the concern around a recent talk on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was not able to be held at our church. We welcome any and all comments and/or questions about the details by contacting us directly at 585-381-6351. As we all know, facebook is not the best forum for these types of difficult conversations. "Faithfully, Reverends Scott Tayler & Kaaren Anderson" Now that's a deplorable, anti-transparent response to all the people who had posted genuine concerns and comments on that church's Facebook Page. I do not say that, that church does not have the right to delete comments that don't lend themselves to open and sincere dialoguing, but few of the posts were even questionable in that regard. Most were clearly on point and should have been answered right there on that Wall to stay. What's more, I do not agree at all that Facebook "is not the best forum for these types of difficult conversations." Deleting all the posts and comments and then asking for private phone conversations is just awful treatment of those posters and commentators. After giving them a piece of my mind, I'd quit a church like that and shake the dust from my feet. Anyone who feels that this is an indication of good shepherding on the part of that church isn't soft-hearted enough but rather looking to his or her own comfort at the direct, negative expense of the Palestinians, many of who are/were Christians by the way, not that non-Christians should be trampled down by the Zionists either.

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