230 immigrants [violent, racist, Zionist colonialists] from North America arrive in Israel on Nefesh B'Nefesh flight

Source: www.haaretz.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | I quote my FB friend, Laura Abraham: "Wonder why the Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed from their homeland? Well, the Israelis are making room for people like these... freshly arriving from the USA and immediately given rights the indigenous population are denied!"

Tom Usher

Hey John [I was commenting to someone who "liked" my post.],

Awful, isn't it? They're all, oh so happy in their group photo not giving a damn about the people they're displacing via violence and theft.

I have no problem saying they are all possessed by evil.

It may not be popular to say it, but there are good Jews and there are bad Jews. Every nationality of millions right now has both good and bad.

The self-styled Jews in the photo give all the good ones a bad reputation.

I will keep them sorted out though. No way should the innocent be punished with the guilty?

Yusef Daher


Tom Usher

Wow, Yusef, that must be hard to take. I think the title you gave it, "Welcome to Mars," is especially apt since Mars is the god of war too. Well, the tide of global public opinion has finally changed. It's a shame it has taken generations, but it is better than never.

Whatever you people do there, when you get the upper hand, don't be toward them the way they've been toward you. Be better. I think you will be. I really do.

Yusef Daher

WE mean peace my friend ..and peace for all is when we have justice for all.. thank you Tom

Tom Usher

Thanks Yusef,

Such stories may not be as dramatic or urgent sounding as say the Mavi Marmara, but they do have their cumulative impact.

Keep them coming, and tell all your friends that such "human interest" stories make people think about being in the other person's shoes.

I recommend tying in names (especially first names).

Tom Usher

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