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I tried to find any reliable sources for this article on Google, however, having perused all 451 hits for "Michael Aquino" Temple I find not one site which satisifies [sic] Wikipedias [sic] requirements of being a reliable source. I have also looked via Google Books and Google Scholar and nothing immediately springs to my eye as usable in providing a case for keeping this article.

via Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Michael Aquino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Oh really? Try harder.

Obviously, the Wikipedia editors are protecting Michael Aquino, helping to cover up all of his Satanic connections in the Pentagon and elsewhere. There is also the George H. W. Bush White House homosexual-pedophile scandal to cover up. There's the Boy's Town pedophile and the GOP/Franklin pedophile connection to it all. There's Aquino's connection to the Presidio pedophile scandal. The list goes on and on into the CIA and drug experiments and creating assassins, running heroin in the U.S.,...corrupt, violent, greedy, sexually perverted Empire worthy of Caligula and his fate.

The Wikipedia deleted the article four months after I posted the following about Aquino:

In 1984, one US Army lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino, a psychological operations specialist, was being investigated by the military concerning allegations of pedophilia surrounding a daycare center at The Presidio of San Francisco when it was still a US Army post. No charges were brought against Aquino. He was protected by his fellows. Aquino was a member of the Church of Satan but split off as a founder of the Temple of Set (Set referring to the Egyptian god of whom Aquino holds Satan is a derivative). This concept is the opposite of unity and oneness and wholeness as expressed by Jesus.

The Set followers are solipsistic, meaning they hold that the self is the only knowable reality (not self in God and God's self in one but rather the self as willpower apart from God). This stream is heading in the opposite direction of Jesus Christ. It is antichrist. It is the individual human will above all. It leads to the Leopold and Loeb mentality. It is in line with Nietzsche, Machiavelli, Ayn Rand, humanism (the apostate brand), libertarianism (also the apostate brand), militarism, capitalism, etc., which cascades into sociopathy where others are seen as there to do with as the strong please since to evil minds, survival of the fittest is the law and the fittest are those most capable of ruthlessness for selfish aims. Lust can easily be unbridled. Appetites, distorted by abuse, can be hedonistically indulged without compassion. The downward spiral is all rationalized away. These currents never lead to Christlikeness. They never lead to giving and sharing all freely. They always lead to taking for self at the expense of others. They license deception to achieve their aims, which they often claim are ennobling no matter how depraved. It is the hypocritical direction.


Along with retired major general Paul E. Vallely, who has been a senior military analyst for FOX News, Aquino co-authored a paper entitled, From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. That paper advocated in 1980 much of the mindset that is being projected now by the US military. The basic tenets of the paper include being absolutely convincing that you will outlast any enemy (never quitting) and completely dominating mass media both foreign and domestic including not allowing the home front to hear or see any information coming from the other side. By extension, this leads to terrorizing (if the first stages in the MindWar fail) an enemy into believing in the futility of resistance.

Fascinated by Nazi paganism, Aquino conducted satanic rituals at Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel; defense echelon) chief Heinrich Himmler's Wewelsburg Castle in Bavaria. Aquino wrote about the ritual he conducted at Himmler's castle as follows:

... the Wewelsburg was conceived by Heinrich Himmler to be the "Mittelpunkt der Welt" (Middle of the World), and as the focus of the Hall of the Dead was to be the Gate of that Center, to summon the Powers of Darkness at their most powerful locus.

Are you connecting the dots yet? Perhaps as a propagandist, you knew all of this. Well, others will be reading it for the first time. They'll go out searching using Google, etc. They may run into "The Finders" and the "Franklin Pedophile" case and how it connects directly to the White House and how people "mysteriously" died surrounding the issues and how the FBI and U.S. military combined to cover it all up. Think 9/11 cover-up.

People will remember where they really learned the truth (the whole truth). They'll come back to help bring forth the Christian Commons, which you now hate because its the most unselfish thing anyone out there has even proposed. It's the answer to the food shortages and all the rest of the evil.

Look, if you don't want people following Mohammed, say so from a position of honesty. Argue from a position of righteousness that is consistency. Don't do this stupid CIA, KGB, Mossad excrement. It's the bottomless pit. You're doing the work of minions and dupes for the worldly imperialist plutocrats. You're selling your souls following them. "Wake up America?"; try waking up yourselves. Try reading Jesus.

Honestly, if this is the best Satan can do now, he's really lost his touch. Go tell your bosses, "We've been made. The cover is blown."

Judas infiltrated, but he did God's work while Satan thought he was doing Satan's alone. Read it, and think. Jesus wasn't tricked. Real Christians (the elect) aren't going to fall to this garbage of yours. They will tell each other. They'll be warned. They'll heed.

You don't know what's going on even if you think you do.

Where is the 3.2 trillion dollars that is missing and reported as such immediately before 9/11 by Donald Rumsfeld? All the coverage went on to 9/11.

What's the memory hole?

Who addicted the poor, U.S. inner-city Blacks to crack cocaine? The CIA did under Oliver North under Ronald Reagan. They used the money to fund the terrorist groups and death squads in Central America and elsewhere. Hear that? I said terrorist groups!

Who trained SAVAK in torture and terrorist techniques? The CIA did. SAVAK was the secret police of the dictator of Iran, the Shah. If U.S. idiots hadn't overthrown Mohammed Mosaddeq but had rather helped him, Iran wouldn't be ruled now by semi-sharia. Many other things that happened wouldn't have too.

What you do now creates the future humanity inherits. Are you setting up Hell or Heaven? I'm for being Heaven bound. You're headed for Hell and trying to take as many others with you whom you can fool. You are promoting the devouring spirit, the fracturing spirit, the opposite of the healing, wholesome spirit. You're for coercion and not people freely coming to God. You're advocating evil. You're not working for God. You haven't come in the name of God.

Your site says things about Mohammed's teaching that are correct. You are pushing half-truths. He did teach wrong things; however, you are being hypocritical, because you don't want what is truly best. What Jesus Christ preached is truly best. No one in the history of humanity has ever surpassed his teachings and life example for rightness (or righteousness if you will).

Why not stop being a hypocrite? Why don't you turn to the truth, repent of all your selfish feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds, and then truly atone to the best of your ability? Why don't you just become a real Christian? Give up all the greed, violence, and sexual depravity. Don't point to the beam in Mohammed's eye while you still have beams in your own. Preach and do consistency with your all, then warn others away from error. Also, don't be coercive, since you wouldn't truly turn via such means either. You have to choose without being forced, or you really won't have it in your heart.


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