Two Links Why I'm Anti-Judaism and Anti-Islam

What this first linked article says about the Qur'an is true: The Agenda of Islam – A War between Civilisations - Cplash, The Citizen Journalism Site.

What this rabbi in this article says about the Old Testament Bible is also essentially true: Uprooted Palestinians: Major rabbi says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews.

The line at the end added by the author is correct; however, the rabbi would say it means to treat your slaves and animals humanely. It doesn't mean to treat non-Jews as well as Jews.

This is why, among other reasons, I'm a Christian.

Now, there are those who would point to the writings and sayings of those purporting to be Christians that if those people truly reflected the teachings and exemplary life of Jesus would show Jesus as a monster. Jesus was no monster, far from it, farthest from it. Those people purporting to be Christians who advocate for doing monstrous things are not truly Christians. They are mistaken at best.

You might ask about Hinduism and Buddhism, since they concern major religions. It is true that in both Hinduism and Buddhism it is not required of the adherents to treat the other members of society in the evil ways required of Judaism and Islam. Hinduism really has so many variants though that the Caste system is not prohibited across Hinduism. It is though in Christianity. That leaves Buddha versus Christ.

Buddha was technically opposed to God. Jesus was and is God with God. There's a huge difference in practical outcomes for humanity depending upon which religion is chosen across-the-board. I won't go into it now. It is sufficient for this post that you see that Judaism and Islam as established by the founders of each (which are their only proper definitions) are not the way forward for the family of man and woman.

Let me say though before ending this short post that the true Buddhist and true Christian would never attempt to force the other to bow. The true Jew of non-Christian but Mosaic Judaism and the true Muslim of the finalized Qur'an (slightly debatable) would seek to force by whatever violence necessary both the Buddhist and Christian to bend their knees to serve the Jew or Muslim as the case may be.


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