Hogwash: "American Thinker: Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks"

Did you know the following:

Israel has demonstrated a dedication to statehood for Arab-Palestinians, as evidenced by its active involvement in the development of viable infrastructure, agricultural capabilities, and a variety of civic projects....

via American Thinker: Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks.

I didn't know it either, and I still don't. Concerning Palestine, Israel destroys much more than it constructs. Who doesn't know that?

Hogwash: "American Thinker: Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks"

Did you know the following:

WikiLeaks also proved that previously discounted reports by Israelis that Islamic terrorists were using ambulances to commit terrorist acts during the 2006 war were, in fact, true. Iran actually used the Red Crescent to ship weapons and terrorists into Lebanon to infiltrate Iraq.

I didn't either, and I still don't. What I know is that the employees toeing the Party Line simply make the allegations.

This linked article characterizes everything as if Israel smells like a rose.

Did you know the following:

When Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya attempted to illegally and unilaterally override his country's constitution and serve another presidential term, Obama was fully aware that Zelaya posed a threat to democracy. The WikiLeaks cables indicated that Obama backed Zelaya in order to please Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez.

No, you didn't know it and you don't know it now because it's total bull. Everyone who has looked into it much at all knows full-well that Manuel Zelaya did nothing more than seek to conduct a non-binding survey to see whether the people, the voters, the general population of Honduras rather than the elitists, would like to see the Constitution reworked to make it fairer. We know Zelaya would have been out of office by then anyway.

Contrary to this stupid linked article, we actually know that Hillary Clinton and the State Department knew it was an illegal coup and should have moved to end all military ties and support for the military that carried out the coup. Of course, it's worth noting that Zionists have property in Honduras.

Did you know the following:

U.S. military troops uncovered the existence of said weapons [WMD] in Saddam's Iraq, including 550 metric tons of yellowcake and chemical weapons labs.

Again, I didn't either, and I still don't. Zero proof of this has been given. This is just a continuation of the endless stream of lies in the lead up to the invasion and occupation. If this American Thinker (thinkers can be stupid false propagandists) site has any proof, show it. Where's your proof, liars? If there were any proof of this, it would have been the top headline everywhere for days. By the way, yellowcake isn't considered a weapon of mass destruction. Yellowcake is not refined even enough to generate electrical power in any meaningful way as currently done in the world today.

This article takes the cables as Gospel revelations. Only idiots do that.

This linked article is just as stupid as the anti-Zionist writings about WikiLeaks by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

If you supply proof, I'll retract my statements concerning the particular point and issue a public apology right on this blog and in this post via an update; otherwise, you're all wet.


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