Support The Twitter Seven: YouTube - WARNING All 637,000 @WikiLeaks Followers Are Targets of U.S. Government Subpoena Against Twitter

I support Birgitta Jonsdottir's free-speech and free-press efforts. In fact, I support The Twitter Seven

  1. WikiLeaks
  2. rop_g
  3. ioerror
  4. birgittaj
  5. Julian Assange
  6. Bradley Manning
  7. Rop Gongrijp

in their efforts to be treated constitutionally and in accordance with the highest international law. However, also look at all the other people who will be dragged in via this dragnet of Barack Obama's and Eric Holder's, etc. They all have rights that are about to be trampled upon if the subpoena served on Twitter is not withdrawn.

In addition, if I write a private message to Birgitta Jonsdottir, I expect it to remain so unless she or I make it public without coercion unless the highest law is followed. I expect that the government will not be allowed to look at it unless the government has demonstrated that there is probable cause to suspect a crime has been committed and that my communication would likely reveal useful evidence to convict. Attorney General Eric Holder and his US attorneys have zero right to read my messages to her under any other circumstances.

I'm not releasing them from Christian obligations though. Their government is secular, even though Barack Obama feigns Christianity. You don't have to be a Christian to agree with the gist of this article though, so read on.

Birgitta Jonsdottir has an internationally recognized right to demand that the US court not be aiding in a mere fishing expedition by the US Attorney General's office. There has to have been a determination that there is probable cause to suspect Julian Assange and/or WikiLeaks, etc., of having broken US law at the very least. I have seen no such evidence to suggest such law breaking has happened.

I am gratified to learn that Birgitta's U.S. lawyers will motion the court to stay or quash the subpoena.

Furthermore, Twitter should refuse to comply with the government at this point regardless.

Why should a major US corporation finally rollover in this matter? Twitter has a right to make sure that the order is constitutional. Considering the First Amendment and Assange's, WikiLeaks', and Birgitta's and others' international rights, Twitter could certainly refuse to disclose the information. Afterall, everyone posting on Twitter can be a journalist. I certainly post news there. Also, there might be confidential lawyer-client and/or clergy-parishioner communications. All sorts of legitimately confidential communications could be on Twitter's servers, not that, that's the place for that; but the parties involved at least should feel the government can't force it from Twitter against constitutional protections in the Bill of Rights, which is the highest secular law of the land (the US).

Given what Twitter has done, if it turns out that Facebook or Google or any other such corporation, especially those with deep pockets and huge law firms on retainer, have turned over material without requesting the court to unseal the orders, then those corporation should at least do that retroactively (move to have the orders unsealed) so that all those involved may be informed directly, which those corporations should then do (notify everyone).

Now I'm wondering why Twitter did not message me that my communications with those named in the subpoena may be subject to governmental intrusion, just as Mark Stephens makes perfectly clear would happen via this US government fishing expedition, this dragnet so reminiscent of the reprehensible and totally illegal NSA telecom spying under George W. Bush following 9/11, for which Barack Obama and Eric Holder continued looking the other way as they obtained office rather than going right after the culprits as their job descriptions require.

I call upon Eric Holder right here (openly) to make public whether or not any of us are being viewed as "terrorists." This is a completely valid request because, as Brigitta has pointed out, Vice President Joe Biden called Julian Assange a cyber terrorist, which he is not at all but rather the opposite. Julian's work seeks to hold the real terrorists accountable, and the US has been terrorizing people's around the world out of the greed of the elitists who have purchased the government to be an instrument of increasing its, the Plutocrats', the Kleptocrats', share of the global pie, leaving less and less for more and more.

I urge the Icelandic Parliament to get behind Birgitta Jonsdottir via unanimous legislation denouncing this dragnet by the US. All other nations should follow suit.

Birgitta Jonsdottir is absolutely right that the US Kleptocrats seek to outlaw whistleblowing. Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who rather than being held in a modern day torture cells/dungeon, should be lauded for taking the war crimes public so the people can make truly informed decisions rather than living in the dark, duped by the system that looks down upon them as too stupid and weak (compassionate) to deserve a say.

"Yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do or die." That's the mentality of those who would lord it over us rather than serve the whole. It's time for them to go!

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are also to be commended for coming to the aid of Birgitta and the others. The American people should do likewise. All civil libertarians should do likewise.

Don't take any of this wrong. I'm not abrogating Christian principles. Everything I said here is imminently supportable under Jesus's teachings. I am not asking for anything that I don't want for everyone else and myself. It is the Golden Rule.

Coercion is not the answer. People freely turning to repentance is.

Now, you might not believe in my God, but that's a different matter. My God tells me to say what I've written here. That's what matters to me most, and it's a good thing for everyone if they will only see it.

Peace, love, and giving and sharing all,

For: The Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project
Tom Usher


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