Al Jazeera English (AJE) v. Russia Today TV (RT) "Conspiracy Channel," Utne Reader, Southern Poverty Law Center; WTC Building 7, Barry Jennings ...

Okay, it started here, with Russia Today (RT America) going after the US (administrations anyway) and Al Jazeera English (AJE):

I left the following comment on YouTube:

They left out the part where Hillary said you might not like what they (Al-Jazeera) say. She doesn't, very often anyway. There's a great deal on Al-Jazeera that is still hated by the powers that be in the US. As for WikiLeaks, everything it leaks it doesn't necessarily agree with. It leaked a great deal of US State Dept. underlings telling higher-ups what they wanted to hear — hardly that Julian Assange agrees with it all. Isn't that right, RUSSIA Today? That's "Russia," right, a US rival that isn't exactly a paragon of truth-telling?

I then shared the YouTube video on Facebook and used my comment as the lead-in there. It garnered a Facebook comment that is a link to an Utne Reader article here: The Conspiracy Channel — Features — Utne Reader.

Here's what I replied about that Utne Reader article:

I'm actually a 9/11 Truther (which is far from a "small minority"), but RT is not seeking pure truth.

I do watch RT and definitely do not discount all of it just because it's RT.

I take each story one at a time and use multiple sources, etc.

The Utne Reader piece is false-propaganda to a large degree too only by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Some people treat the Southern Poverty Law Center as if it is speaking for God, just as some people think Alex Jones is speaking for God.

The truth is that the Southern Poverty Law Center and Alex Jones both speak truth and spread false propaganda (whether wittingly or unwittingly).

I believe they both know when they are spreading false-propaganda or at least ignoring real facts being presented by the other side.

I love the truth no matter what! I don't want to be spreading false-propaganda ever. I always want to know the facts being presented by all sides.

What I take the greatest exception to in the Utne Reader article is that it holds that 9/11 Truth is "anti-American propaganda."

Look, the Utne Reader is blind on purpose to the obvious controlled demolition of Building 7 of the WTC. That building absolutely did not, I repeat, did not come down due to office fires and the minor damage from flying debris from the Twin Towers. They knew it was about to be brought down because police officers were order to announce it on the streets below, which they did. It's on video. There were strong explosions right before it started coming down. It was also unmistakably captured on audio-video. There was even an audible countdown according to a credible witness. An emergency coordinator of Emergency Management for the New York Housing Authority, Barry Jennings, was in the building right before it came down and immediately testified outside to TV journalists as to the explosions (and many other things) that were going on in the building before it came down. (See: "NEW INFORMATION ON THE DEATH OF 911 EYEWITNESS BARRY JENNINGS SEEMS TO POINT TO FOUL PLAY)."

Whether there was foul play, it hasn't been investigated by people who aren't controlled by those who controlled the demolition of Building 7. Barry is far from the only person who was speaking out about 9/11 being an inside job to some degree to "mysteriously" die. The list is quite long, just as the list is quite long of those who died around the John F. Kennedy assassination/coup d'état.

All I have to say at this point for this blog post is that if the Utne Reader thinks the US isn't capable of false-flag operations, the people at the Utne Reader haven't read very widely.

It is irrefutable that the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military men at the time, submitted Operation Northwoods to then President John F. Kennedy, who was the only person who stood in the way of it being carried out. George W. Bush was, and remains, no John F. Kennedy. George W. Bush suggested to Tony Blair that the US and UK paint a plane to look like a UN plane and to fly it (probably via autopilot) over Iraq in an attempt to get Saddam Hussein's forces to possibly shoot it down (See: "Bush 'plotted to lure Saddam into war with fake UN plane'"). Then Bush and Blair would use that as more pretext to attack Iraq. Can you trust such a "President" not to kill Americans?

How many Americans have died in Iraq for Bush's rotten cause (greed!)? To Bush, Grunts are expendable. Oh, he'll shed a tear — after he's gotten them killed for "America," after they've murdered for "America." They are tools of the imperialist elite, the self-authorized masters of the universe, the evil ones.

It was definitely not necessary to attack Iraq to get Saddam Hussein to change. He had changed many times before. He didn't want to lose power and was quite ready to knuckle under short of being totally removed from power.

By the way, the Iraq people still aren't better off out from under Hussein. Someday they may be, but it won't be at all on account of what George W. Bush and his fellow lying, neocon, Zionists did.

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