Tell Reid & Pelosi: Don't cave to Republican threats against the poor on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Here's what I added:

If you want a payroll-tax-and-unemployment-benefit extension, you have to agree to polluting, global warming, and caving into greedy, Big Oil, etc. That's what the Republicans want you to believe.

I should think that the poor and unemployed would rather you stand your ground and call the Republicans' bluff right out in the open.

Aren't you tired of being weak? Aren't you tired of tens of millions of Americans believing, with good cause, that the Democratic Party is really corporatist?

What would FDR do being able to see everything that the slightest compromise has wrought?

I would hope he would take it to the American people telling them like it is and saying that the Republicans want to hold the poor and unemployed hostage to global warming, various forms of pollution, and the greed of the polluters but that he isn't going to cave but rather redouble for the decent people -- yes, decent.

I don't care if anyone knows it. John Boehner's proposal is indecent. He is shamelessly shilling for Big Oil and many other proven-bad enterprises.

Don't compromise. Compromising will prolong the agony for the people. The people are near the edge. If the Republicans continue pushing them toward it, they will drop them. If you refuse to compromise and Barack Obama's payroll-tax-and-unemployment-benefit extension fails as a result, the pipeline will fail (if you are consistent) and then the people will be all the more upset at the Republicans for taking food out of the mouths of the poorest of the poor who lost their livelihoods at the hands of those same Republicans (unfortunately with much Democratic help).

FDR would call the banksters "banksters." He was wildly more popular than Barack Obama.

Times have been tough now since the end of 2007. Barack Obama had an FDR situation he could have used as FDR used his, only more so. He failed, miserably. That's left all of you tinkering around with the likes of John Boehner when we could have had a New New Deal plus, which is what was needed at the very least. The people were in the right place.

They are getting back there via Occupy and other efforts. Stand up now, and don't sit down again until America is fixed.

Stop working angles with the Canadians. They have to get off oil too.

Lead or get out of the way!

Tell Reid and Pelosi: Don't cave to Republicans on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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