Cowards, moral midgets: BBC climate-change episode of "Frozen Planet" to be censored out by Discovery Channel

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Cowards, moral midgets: BBC climate-change episode of "Frozen Planet" to be censored out by Discovery Channel.

Frozen Planet Climate change episode won't be shown in US

The broadcaster Discovery dropped the final episode in the U.S., where there is a strong opposition to the theory of global warming among viewers.

Noah Anthony Russell commented:

Well It makes sense. The majority of Scientist don't believe in Global Warming and neither does the majority of the U.S.A. I've done debates on the issue and stand undecided. Though I'd rather argue against it since I have debated it before and found significant evidence against it in the past.

I bet the series is fun to watch though..

Tom Usher

"Ž"The majority of Scientist don't believe in Global Warming"? No, no, no, Noah, that's completely wrong. The vast majority of scientist now know that AGW is real.

The majority of the US was only thrown off track after Big Oil started it's disinformation (sowing doubt) campaign that was glommed onto by FOX News and such. They did exactly the same thing that Big Tobacco had done.

Noah, you haven't seen anything yet. It's going to heat up much faster than the Global-Warning scientists have been predicting.

China is building coal-fired plants as if it doesn't matter. Oil and gas are being sought with a vengeance. We just ended the hottest decade since thermometers were invented and that in the face of factors that mitigated the increase but are now going to disappear soon causing accelerated warming due to carbon burning.

Even though that's a fact, the Global-Warming-deniers have been deliberately spreading the lie that we're in a cooling trend. We are not in a cooling trend and haven't been. They take a few months out of a decade and century(s) of context. It's the same thing as taking scripture out of context to prove evil is good.

Really, Noah, you've been duped. You're going to be really, really upset with the greedy ones when you realize it.

What facts do you think you have that show AGW isn't true? I'll point you to real science that will clear away the false-propaganda of the hyper-greedy. You know me. I'm not going to give you a bum steer.

Noah, greedy people ruin everything. Jesus hated and hates greed and the evil fruit brought forth by the greedy. You shall know them by what they bring forth: pollution, toxics, and now Global Warming.

Ask God, Noah. I'm telling you the truth here.

Noah Anthony Russell

Mhmm but if it is true. People won't stop till they really start feeling the heat. And by then might it be too late? And I do know you it'd be nice to get info from you.

Okay so here is what I've heard of, I heard/seen that 17,000 scientist signed a petition against Global warming. Or rather the belief of.

That the IPCC didn't prove that humans were causing global warming(like that matters if were the cause if its true then we'd need to try to stop it regardless of whether or not were the cause right.)
the problem with that is if were not the cause what is? and how do we stop it. The idea is if were not causing it then stopping what we;re doing won't stop it.

I've also heard that our data is not sufficient enough to tell if the world is really heating, which to me sounds like an opinion, but it might have truth, don't know.

And I heard the opposite of what you said, I heard that global warming was being put on by those with vested interest trying to make money.

But yeah I've heard alot. nothing for sure other than alot of scientist disagree.

The whole thing is a big mess. If we did nothing, according t your info and opinion how long does man kind have left if we continued on this same track were on.

Tom Usher

This "Global Warming Petition Project - Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine" is a fraud -- very deceptive. Read this whole page. Please note that Arthur Robinson does not disbelieve AGW but was simply trying to promote the idea that it's good. The signatories are a mess. They actually claimed over 30K, but there are over hundreds of thousands of scientist in the US who believe in AGW.

Watch this video. He has tons of them. Some are better than others.

As for the vested interests trying to make money, yes, that's what you heard. You heard it from Big Oil think tanks that came up with the strategy to dupe people who do not read or listen outside a fairly closed loop the media of which, those ultra-rich oil executives and investors control via corporate interlocking directorates and other means: advertising, lobbying dollars (oil is #1 by far), and their connection with banking, etc.

You've been told that its a carbon-tax scheme by New World Order types. In reality, the cap and trade idea was moronic. I said so from the outset (long before I heard another soul say it), but it was well-meaning people duped by other Wall Street types who would benefit immensely by trading fees.

Watch this:

This is the guy they love to hate: Al Gore. Watch the whole thing.

He's not a perfect human being, but he's not lying about this. He really believes it, even though his main detractors try to make him out to be in it for the money. They told lots of lies about him and his money. They've said he had a controlling interest in Occidental Petroleum. He didn't. They said he had houses he didn't own and the ones he has are bigger than they are. They said he hasn't done anything to green his own life. He's done a great deal and hasn't stopped yet.

The greedy are the oil billionaires, Noah. They don't give a damn about the planet. They are getting what they can while the getting is "good" before they destroy the Earth.

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail. (Revelation 11:18-19)

That's when you'll know. Be on the right side, my friend. I want you there with me. We must be separated from the iniquity or go with it. There's no other way. There are those who just refuse to be saved before this happens.

Don't get confused about God versus Satan. We are not of the wrath. We don't call it down!

Cowards, moral....

UPDATE: Email:

Dear Tom,

Big news! For weeks, the Discovery Channel refused to show the stunning conclusions of its own Frozen Planet documentary series that showed the devastating effects that climate change has had on the North and South Poles -- and the danger it portends for the rest of the planet.

But just hours after Claudia Abbott-Barish's petition hit 75,000 signatures, Discovery backed down, and agreed to air the final episode (all about climate change) in its entirety!


I looked up the Oregon institute thing cause I don't trust wikipedia. And most people say its a fraud.

And so when do you think we'll start feeling drastic effects from global warming? And ultimately, why does it matter to a christian?


"I looked up the Oregon institute thing cause I don't trust wikipedia. And most people say its a fraud." Which do you mean, the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine or Wikipedia? Why did you mention Wikipedia? Didn't you read the article? Source Watch is no fraud.

We already are feeling drastic effects: Billion-dollar weather disasters smash US record

As for why it matters, we're supposed to live by Jesus's version of the Golden Rule, which is the Second Great Commandment and his New Commandment. Burning carbon without concern is far from doing that.

I quoted Revelation 11:18 for you: "...destroy them which destroy the earth." The global polluters are destroying the Earth. You don't want to be one of them or fail to sound the alarm, right?


Okay read now, And yeah part of our existence is to take care of the earth. In fact you can say the only purpose(s) the earth has is to facilitate life and to be taken care of humans.

And yeah those verses are pretty straightforward that those who destroy the earth and not good. I would argue that the earth is going to burned anyways and that it doesn't matter. But I think God would want Christians to take care of it as much as they could until the inevitable end.

And yeah the cap and trade system caused 50% more pollution when its first draft was initiated in the EU. I don't know what they changed about it. but supposedly they improved it what do you think?

The earth will be destroyed, we know that, but what is teh ebst way to take care of it while were here?


It's difficult to say that the Earth will burn away if we aren't sure which Earth we're talking about. What's the New Earth? Is it otherworldly, per se, or is this one "born again"?

Jesus returns. Satan is finally vanquished. Does the Earth go with Satan and we find ourselves in Heaven/Earth?

There's a great deal of literal/figurative work to do to begin to understand God's plan.

I believe that we don't have to have it all worked out in advance as if we have God's full perspective. When the time comes, God will reveal. Even Jesus didn't know the time the Temple would be leveled. Consider it.

As for the European cap and trade, I didn't bother with it because it's a poor idea at it's foundation.

The best way to take care of the Earth is a huge subject. Raping it is a terrible idea. It kills the fat of the land.

I'm into it if you're interested. It's part of the Christian Commons Project.


Mhmm I'd like to learn about it :] maybe link me to stuff you've posted or something?


It's huge. Maybe digest a bit first? You've asked a great deal here and in messaging. The answers I've provided might need some time to sink in. You're definitely on the right track though regarding real love. I'm impressed.

That's critically important to grasping what we really should be doing as the whole human race. All humans won't do it, the proverbial oil while there's time.

Strange as it may sound if you have Calvinistic ears, Heaven is a meritocracy. The goats and sheep are divided, and they are divided based upon what they actually did/do. It's not all just profess Christ and then you're guaranteed a pass. Many souls will find themselves outside wondering why all their going to church and prayers and tithing didn't cut it. I hope I'm not one of them.

No one can do it alone. I need help with the Commons. I'm not getting it. I'm getting more notice, but it's so hard to penetrate hearts and minds. I really get tired speaking on the secular level just to be able to have any discourse whatsoever.

It's one of the reasons I like your questions and that you allow new knowledge and awareness to work on you. I think we are a great deal alike in that. I went through the things you're thinking now, some before your age, some after.

It's good you're delving in and that the secular education isn't crushing the spirit out of you but you're rather growing.


One must truly profess Christ. That means mean it. and keep with it. Good deeds are nothing without Christ. Its those who reject the flesh and seek Christ who gain eternal life. many, if not most who go to churches don't really mean it. Most people are hypocrites.. It's sad to see that in the church.. you can tell when you find a real church. You feel it in the air(Like you can really feel the love from the people with just a few words with a real Christian).

haha secular education helps me create and find all the counter arguments. and if anything truly challenges me I'm so persistent Ill think over it for months, maybe years! until God grants the knowledge. I've never been one who is easily influenced. Unless I allow for it.

God's love is a tough topic. One I've been studying for nearly 4-5 years now. Since early teenage years. Since God is love we will never fully understand love. So it is a never ending topic. but an essential one.

Ultimately what matters is Christ and Salvation. Anything around that is up for debate and takes the second place when it comes to priority. But it is good to study up on all that is around for it will help us in our daily lives. But people should not fight over it.

And I hear you on the commons. It's tough to penetrate to people's hearts. THEY are the ones who must accept Christ of their own accord the best we can do is penetrate their outer barriers of thought and leave them open to the idea and pour Love on them. Genuine love. Just be there if they need us and offer help to those who need it. We are messengers who offer. But they must take. Just like Jesus reaches to us with all that he is..and we must take it or leave it.

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