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The linked article is interesting and in-depth about the largest Salafist party in Egypt.

Al-Nour Party Leaders

Al-Nour Party - Political Parties - Elections 2011 - Ahram OnlineFrom the sound of it, the Nour Party is concerned about its global image.

They are for sharia, which means the traditional Islamic role for women and also concerning usury. I commend them concerning the evils of usury, but Islam doesn't go nearly far enough concerning the rich. It allows for excess, which is an abomination.

Further, sharia comes in many stripes from what I've been told by many Muslims. Exactly what is the Nour Party's position on freedom of religion? That subject was the weakest part of the article. I suspect they are against freedom of religion. I more than suspect that they share the same idea about it that the Iranian regime holds, namely that a person is not to be allowed to convert from Islam.

It is a very, very weak position -- weak spiritually. It is one of the worst tenets of Islam, if not the worst and if Mohammed truly held the position. The Qur'an is debatable on the issue, as it says that there is no compulsion in religion. What does that mean? I am a Christian, and I am compelled to be so. If it means that Muslims are not to coerce anyone into being Muslims, then I'm for that aspect of Islam.

See: Al-Nour Party - Political Parties - Elections 2011 - Ahram Online

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