Article on: There is no such thing as a conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist

That is the title and subtitle of our main work, which we've made available on this website at no charge to the reader. It's a provocative work—very controversial—by its very nature, and an on-going project.

Before going to that work (we've provide a link below), please read the rest of this page.

Terms and contexts

Immediately, many people will be startled by the term "communist" in that title. They will also take great exception to the truth that conservative Republicans are not Christians. Many will be instantly dismissive and hostile. They hate the truth shown in that title. They hate the implications of truth. They will conjure up all sorts of concepts concerning the terms and spin a web of self-deception for the sake of their comfort in continuing iniquity, falling short of real Christianity.

The work does challenge established beliefs, but it is not injurious or malicious. Any honest person who reads There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist and this site will find warnings coming out of love. We are as harmless as doves in our intentions and true results.

In order for people to reach the truth, we must establish (really re-establish) the definitions of many terms, not shy away. In order to enlighten souls rather than magnify darkness, terms must be defined and used within proper contexts. We dedicate plenty of effort to explain the various connotations of words as those words fall within multiple contexts (throughout scripture). That effort serves all those who read scripture and the work (There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist) to, among other things, better comprehend and interpret, speak the language of the revelation of Jesus, and sense the movement of the Holy Spirit of truth and its contrast with the dark spirit of hardheartedness.

Jesus: Not the Jesus of fascists

If you have stopped by this website just because the name of the church has you curious but the name "Jesus" has been a bit of a turnoff for you, or worse, consider now that you have been led to associate "Jesus" with the views of those who are not really Christians.

Well, don't let them continue giving Jesus and God bad reputations with you. Find out for yourself who the real Jesus is.

  • Don't take the word of politicians who deliberately engage in all sorts of corruption, twist the meaning of words such as "torture" and "freedom," and then claim God is on their side.
  • Don't take the word of militarists who deliberately shun the clear pacifist message of Jesus.
  • Don't take the word of the rabid capitalists who deliberately hide the plain giving-and-sharing and holding-all-things-in-common message.

    And all that believed were together, and had all things common. — Acts 2:44

    And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. — Acts 4:32

  • Don't take the word of those calling themselves Christians who ignore what John wrote in the Book of Revelation,"…destroy them which destroy the earth." — Revelation 11:18. (Environmentalism is a sacred obligation even though God has complete power over all matter. The earth is a gift we are supposed to care for in unselfishness.)
  • Don't take the word of the libertines (among them false liberals) who deliberately, selfishly reject the transformational and regenerative power of God.
Start fresh: Support the solution

Real Christianity is the most beautiful thing. It is the one and only ultimate answer to every problem. No other path leads to "the real." We explain in the work in clear and plain language why this is the truth.

Will you find all the answers here? Jesus said he didn't know everything. He said neither did the Son of man in heaven know everything. Did you know that? It isn't what the self-styled fundamentalists teach, but it's true. Jesus did say though that the Holy Spirit (God), under worthy, necessary provisos, would inform us of what we need to know to continue on the right path to complete salvation. If you look for that with your "everything," you will find the answers.

The term "Christianity" has been subverted from the real message of Jesus. Those in other religions aren't being given the real voice of Jesus Christ. The churches that have been doing most of the proselytizing or have been getting the most news coverage are loaded with false conservatives and false liberals whose voices spread error throughout the world about the heart of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian: A Good Samaritan, Christlike, and far from condoning iniquity.

Swinging the same old ideological pendulum back and forth is not the solution. Many people imagine that if only the pendulum could be pushed way over to the right and held there, then there would be an end to chaos. Others imagine that if only the pendulum could be pushed way over to the left and held there, then there would be real liberty. Both approaches are wrong. Staying in the middle though is fatal too. How can that be?

Well, Jesus showed that the world is a false spectrum (false consciousness) putting off the golden opportunity of heaven and earth conflating, both anew. He gave the clearest, plainest, and most concise solution ever given. However, humanity has been inundated with dark filters to block the plain truth. It doesn't understand the real meaning of the words to "love one another as I [Jesus] have loved you [his disciples]."

The spirit of selfishness has degenerated and occulted the real meaning of the word "love" as Jesus lived that real meaning and, as Isaiah said, the real meaning of the word "liberal." Isaiah warned of the peril inherent in twisting and reversing the truth of words. Jesus knew exactly what Isaiah meant. We all need to know what both Jesus and Isaiah meant and then act decisively.

Corruption, abuse, and trauma abound. Abuse and trauma are caused by selfishness, and they, in turn, among other things, cause anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia, and all manner of psychoses and diseases. We know firsthand. Selfishness just increases selfishness in the world. The symptoms are spreading and intensifying. It's a vicious cycle that can only be stopped by each person softening his or her heart.

It's all here, in the here and now. It always has been — all the evil and corruption. The world is hell for many people. What else is the domain of Satan but hell? Righteousness isn't running this planet. The children of light aren't in charge of the earth. Jesus said these things. Where does the spirit of torture come from other than the very essence of evil? Children are dying from the neglect of the whole of human society by the tens of thousands each and every day. All around the planet, brutally and savagely, people are slaughtered, even as innocent bystanders. Still others are pounding the table, demanding more and more violence, war, and destruction. The whole spirit of the planet and humanity is degraded by this. God's natural creation rebels against this spirit, bringing the consequences of human selfishness in the form of planetary upheaval, such as more violent weather, famine, drought, disease, and on and on.

God's systems are beyond scientific understanding. The way God's natural environment interconnects is infinitely deeper than anything human science has even begun to imagine. The planet's system, even the cosmos's system, senses human degradation (contamination of the whole) and responds accordingly, according to God's will.

And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. — Matthew 3:10

We have all helped sow selfish seeds the harvest of which is disease, war, desolation, and the rest of evil. The causal chain of selfishness must be broken within each of us. We must feel what we've caused. We must be bleeding-heart liberals. Jesus was.

The so-called conservatives have used "bleeding heart" as a pejorative. They have disparaged and belittled the compassion of Jesus. They will suffer their own standard if they don't repent. God is prophesying against them.

We must stop sowing the seeds of darkness and sow rather only the seeds of real bounty for the sake of posterity, our souls, the souls of the many. We need, and the world will have, universal repentance and atonement. If this is right to you, you recognize the voice and you love the words. You will help.

The selfish hate this truth. They tempt and dupe the masses with the false, wide path to ruination of the soul. They hate the implications of the message. They cover over and ignore that message, because they covet and steal the inheritance of humanity.

Let's give the real meaning back to the words. Let's remove the dark filters. Let's cooperate together to get on with doing, not just paying lip service to, the plain truth to restore, without coercion, the inheritance of all to all.

Read as much of this site as you feel you need to (there are thousands of pages), but decide to help for righteousness sake. Act. Once you know the truth, you're obligated. Deliberately avoiding the truth is damnation. On the divine level, the truth is not an option.

Greatest human threat

Subversion comes from what people call both the right and the left. We deal with both in the work, There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist. However, it is the co-optation by the political right of once apolitical congregations (congregations now working for the proverbial prince of this world, the prince of darkness) that is the greatest human threat to the planet. They are diametrically opposed to the solution that is the new commandment.

Finally, some signs of light

There are signs that many who call themselves conservatives are finally seeing the light concerning becoming good stewards of the Earth. We must seize this opportunity to lead into consistency — hypocrisy being the bane of humanity. That movement to good stewardship must be galvanized and steered in the exact right direction for the sake of the salvation of the world, which is what Jesus came to accomplish. See it for yourself in the work, the Gospels, and the rest of scripture.

The light of good stewardship must be united with good shepherding. It is hypocritical to care for the earth and not care for the people. It is hypocritical to care for one's children and not care for their environment. It is hypocritical to care about the law for oneself yet care nothing about the law for one's neighbors around the whole of the earth. Jesus showed us through the parable of the Good Shepherd that every human being is our neighbor. Every human being is our relative. Greed, violence, sexual depravity, and the rest of what is wrong, all of which is selfishness — priorities out of order — can, and will, be overcome. Priorities will be set right.

This site and this Church are for, among other things, the sake of setting the language straight again. Those who are calling themselves conservatives who are waking up to good stewardship and shepherding are not Republican self-styled conservatives at heart. They are not Calvinists. They were duped. At heart, they are really Isaiah liberals if they can see it, understand it, and behave accordingly.

Great darkness

The self-styled conservative and neoconservative Christians who have swelled the ranks of the Republican Party in the US have been misreading scripture for many, many centuries and handing down and magnifying confusion all that time. They have read the new covenant with hard hearts and minds even by old-covenant standards. On a certain level, regardless of how conscious they think they are, they don't know what they've been saying or doing and still don't.

Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. — Amos 5:18

They've imagined they can rape the planet to death and beat and slaughter with impunity their fellow apostate servants. They falsely imagine that just by mouthing faith in Jesus they are protected. Worse, they imagine God is pleased by those who work lies to bring forth tribulation. They don't work for God. They aren't serving God.

They are misleading millions and threatening even billions.

God is displeased with those who don't care for the Earth or their fellow humans and the life of the planet. The standards of the prince of this world (not Jesus) are too low. We are all suffering under that low, selfish, egotistical standard. God is displeased with those who ignore Jesus Christ's call for his followers (disciples, Apostles) to give and share all for all (call it communism or communalism — it's the same thing).

It's always time to be awake!

If this hasn't whetted your appetite, you're not of the fold who can recognize the truth calling. You're of the other.

There are many, many things covered in the work that can't even begin to be touched upon here to any degree that will gel things for you. You'll have to look at it yourself. Find out what it's all about.

We encourage you to read There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist and also to visit the other areas of our website. (See the menu to visit those other areas.)

We have a crucial plan to execute. That word "crucial" shares its root with the cross (crux) of Jesus. It is as a signpost at the crossroads. Either we can read the sign on the post to take the real and righteous road (the wise road), or we can fail to see it (being blind) and, thereby, taking the false path to ruination, the one on which much of the world is spiraling down. With your help and the help of many others, we can and will change the world.

Thank you for visiting. Now, here's There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist.

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  1. bengo-music says:

    very interesting.

    i'm adding in RSS Reader

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    This is NOT a reply to bengo-music's comment above. It's just a comment directed to whomever it will benefit — to whomever will receive it in the right light.

    "We" are one: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Church (all its members). The "I AM" is one indwelling. "I am" "we." You are "we," if only.... Do you have anything to add that is worth repeating here? Are you greedy, violent, or otherwise depraved? Seek only to be generous and beneficent, totally pacifistic, cautionary, harmless, and all the rest of the good.

    God bless everyone in the universe.

  3. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue with that. I’m right, and I will be proved right. We are more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, Rock and Roll or Christianity. — John Lennon, March 4, 1966

    People will say, "John who?"; however, Jesus's name will be even higher than it is now.

    Also, not all Rock'n Roll was or is antichrist. Imagine that.

  4. Floyd says:

    You do a very good job at writing my friend, found you on mybloglog and thanks for joining my community, adding your rss to Sage.

    Oh, by the way I am a "liberal Christian."

  5. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Hello Floyd,

    Thank you for the kind comment regarding my writing.

    I have found though more and more that it's very difficult to catch one's own errors. When I go back to look at my previous posts and comments, I rarely don't find hiccups.

    Floyd, you wrote, " the way I am a 'liberal Christian.'" If you read the page upon which you posted your comment (and I have no reason to believe you didn't), it's a great day.

    You might also be interested in reading "About Our Name." It explains in more detail how "liberal" means harmless and beneficent always in all things. Today, unfortunately for humanity, liberal is misused to mean self-licensing to do that which is harmful to others and self. We aren't to be coercive, but we are to sound the alarm. Then, we must let it be. The spirit that people adopt sorts them out sheep from goats.

    I know you're a veteran from your website, Floyd. I want to say that even though the RLCC is for total pacifism, it's important to make clear to everyone that what signifies is who we are and who we are becoming. In the end, it's who we became. That's the beauty and power of repentance and forgiveness.

    God bless,


  6. Larry Fletcher says:

    [Note from Admin.: Commentator submitted as "Larry." Amended that to "Larry Fletcher" on 6/29/2008 by Admin.]

    This website makes me sad. You are so blinded by your political ideology that you are trying to force fit God into it to justify your political beliefs.

    I do not say this to be mean, nasty, or anything. I'm really saddened by what I see here. In all frankness, you are so far off track that you qualify as full on crazy.

    I don't subscribe to your ultra liberal political views. I think modern liberalism is a mental disease. But I never thought I'd see it applied to Christianity the way you've done it. This is really, really sad.

  7. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    NOTE: People call me evil and crazy/insane even though I call for peace, giving and sharing all, and purity of heart (no depravity of any kind, no harm, of benefit only if readers will accept the warnings of Christ to all of us, myself included, of course). My bedside manner is too harsh for those who stand for war, greed, and other forms of depravity (selfishness). When they read my writing, in their minds they are loud and fast while when I write, my mind can be quiet and not racing. The difference in tone matters. If people read in things, emotions, that aren't there, it's not my fault. It's their error. If you disagree, there's nothing I can do about it. It's your problem.

    Hello Larry,

    You have no idea what you're talking about. There is zero modern, mundane liberalism espoused on this site. There is Isaiah/Jesus liberalism espoused here. Anywhere that anything is discussed concerning secular policy on this site is always qualified by the understanding that being a real Christian is to not be within the worldly (selfish) system that is a false dichotomy. That system will be displaced.

    Your comment lacks any specifics. Show me one thing that doesn't fit with the teaching of Jesus Christ and explain your evidence. Support your position if you think you can.

    You come here and just wring your hands. You are lamenting that your view is losing. It has already lost. There is no truth in it. There never has been. What Jesus did was the climax of history. The plot has been written. God has said the future (eternity in the real Heaven) belongs to those who believe as I do, not as you believe.

    You know, when people read your comment and this reply, they do see that you have offered up nothing.

    If you know Christianity better than I do, instruct us all. Astonish us with your genius, as a teacher of mine from decades ago would frequently say when assigning essay papers. Otherwise, do some soul searching about the wickedness (selfishness) in your heart that you are lamenting you'll have to give up to get into the real Heaven, the New Heaven.

    Specifics, Larry, where are they? Also, if you offer up some and I defeat them (and I will because I will simply say what Jesus said), will you be a real man [not virility in the mundane sense] and admit it?

    By the way Larry, my political beliefs came in finding God. My politics and God are the same. I don't believe what I believed before. I left that behind as the scriptures opened up to me. Your statement that I'm trying to fit God into my political beliefs is impossible. My politics changed to God. In very truth, what I had before was not real politics. The only real politics is the path of Jesus Christ: Christlikeness, the Golden Rule, the New Commandment. You're against that though or you wouldn't have written what you did in your Godless comment.

    Will you admit you were wrong and apologize? It's not your custom to openly admit it when you've erred. Well, whether you like it or not, it's all recorded. God knows and remembers exactly every one of your emotional states and why you've had each. He knows your heart.

    Anyone who truly believes in God would apologize openly, honestly, and directly. If you can't do that, then go look at yourself in the mirror and face what you are and repent and atone.

    Also, why not be a man [real in the divine sense] and use your full name? Why do you leave out your last name? Why don't you identify yourself and publicly standby your accusations? If you think that by remaining anonymous to the general public you'll escape having to account for your positions later, you're wrong.

    Lastly, by attempting to remain anonymous, you make your cause look as it is: Weak, even dead.

    You've come here standing against everything for which Jesus calls: Peace, giving and sharing all, and purity. That makes you a Jesus-hater. That's a fact.

    Tom Usher

  8. Larry Fletcher says:

    I didn't realize you required full names, so I've included it. Now, let's look at a few things.

    1. Your attitude.

    Is it Christlike? I expressed my sadness. You expressed hostility. Repeatedly. Is that Christlike? No, it isn't.

    2. "Anyone who truly believes in God would apologize openly"

    I will remember that, and will expect the same apology from you.

    3. "There is zero modern, mundane liberalism espoused on this site"

    That is ALL that's espoused on this site. Line after line after line of Left Wing Liberal Politics being held up , line after line after line of Conservative Politics being put down.

    Jesus didn't take a political side. He wasn't antiwar - in fact, the only thing he said about it was that there would be wars. His mission, and what he taught, had nothing to do with politics, war, the environment, or any of your other ideological rants. The one thing - the ONLY THING that Jesus taught, talked about, and described as his mission, was salvation. The ONLY thing he instructed his disciples to do was to spread the GOOD NEWS that he had risen, and what that meant for mankind. He did not tell them to spread their political opinions on war, or the environment.

    4. "my political beliefs came in finding God"

    Odd - so did mine. And since there is only one God, either he is lying to one of us, or we both found our political beliefs in other ways. And since Jesus is God in human form, and since he didn't include in his agenda or in his teachings to be a communist, or to be a left wing environmentalist, or to go around railing against those whose politics differed, the only conclusion a rational person can reach is that discussing politics and the environment have nothing to do with God.

    5. "God has said the future (eternity in the real Heaven) belongs to those who believe as I do, not as you believe."

    The hallmark of a cultist - "believe the way I do, or else". In your case, the religion you promote is the religion of leftwing political ideology. Nowhere on your site do I see you talking about the one thing that Jesus talked about - his single, fundamental issue: "For God so loved the world (not just the liberals) that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe in him (not just the liberals) shall be saved."

    Now you would have us believe that we need to rewrite that verse. You would have us believe that it should say "For God so loved the antiwar environmentalist with communist leanings, that He sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in left wing political viewpoints shall be saved, and those who do not agree with leftwing environmentalist viewpoints will not."

    That's what you just said to me. Not only did you say that, from your opening sentence until your closing sentence, you were hostile, sarcastic, and combative. Is that Christlike? No.

    There are reasonable, rational people in this world who do not agree with your politics. They have the same path to eternal salvation as you do. YOU are not the one who sets the rules for getting into heaven, sir. God did that. Yet you go from claiming that you aren't being political to insisting that I have to agree with your politics or I won't go to heaven. You are mistaken. Your religion is built on your politics. God's salvation is not. God said "Come to me". God said that all I had to do was accept him and ask for forgiveness, and he would save me.

    He did NOT tell me that I have to pass your political test in order to get there.

    I have not questioned your manhood. Yet you have questioned mine. I did not call you a Jesus-hater. Yet you have called me one. You have not once, anywhere on your site, talked about Jesus' teachings. All you've talked about anywhere is politics. But I couldn't have said it any better than you did when you wrote:

    "My politics and God are the same."

    I don't think you even understand just how completely correct you were when you wrote that. Yes - your God is politics. It is evident in what you write, what you write about, and how you deal with those who disagree with you.

    I will simply tell you that my God is not politics. God has nothing to do with politics, or political ideology. God said through the prophets that he would send a Messiah who would die for man's sin. That Messiah came in the man we call Jesus Christ. And as was foretold, he died and rose again, for ALL mankind. All we have to do is humble ourselves as little children, accept him as our Savior. Nowhere in there does it say that my salvation hinges on subscribing to your twisted political ideology, nowhere in there does it say that I have to become a leftwing environmentalist, and nowhere in there do I see a thing about party affiliations.

    Get on your knees Tom, and ask God to forgive you for replacing HIM with your politics. Then get back up off your knees and follow Christ. Not your politics.

  9. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Hello Larry Fletcher,

    I don't require full names, obviously. It is simply better that people identify themselves especially if they are attacking. Otherwise, it's pretty much back-shooting. Shooting people in the front is more than evil enough.

    You expressed much more than sadness, Larry. Re-read your comment. As for hostility, there is hostility and there is hostility. Jesus was hostile even while he was loving. People who don't like being properly rebuked are offended by righteousness. So, you are flat wrong about Christlikeness. Will you admit it?

    If I wrong you, I will gladly apologize. You say you'll hold me to it. Will you do so hypocritically? I told you I didn't inform my view of God by preconceived mundane political views even though you accused me of it. Did you start off your reply by saying, "I was wrong Mr. Usher. Please accept my apology?" No, you did not. You went on twisting.

    You need to define your terms, Larry. What is modern, mundane liberalism about being against sexual depravity in all forms? Modern, mundane liberalism is about sexual license. Don't you know that? It's about divorce at the drop of a hat, or less. It's about abortion as if there are no negative consequences.

    I'm opposed to coercion. It's un-Christian. Jesus taught non-violence. He used moral authority. Those who love what is right (moral), hear his voice and recognize it as the good shepherd's. They follow. He doesn't threaten them with fines and imprisonment or bombings, etc. You don't though. That makes you out of sync with Jesus.

    What is conservative to you in terms of society, foreign policy, and monetary/fiscal matters? Aren't those the three ways conservatives group themselves?

    I am the real conservative here, not you. I seek to preserve the real message of Jesus Christ that is the truth from the beginning. Everything else is a lie.

    "Jesus wasn't antiwar." That's stupid, Larry. "The only thing he said about it was that there would be wars." Hogwash, Larry. You can't turn the other cheek and go to war or be for it at the same time. Jesus didn't say turn the other cheek sometimes and go to war at other times. Don't you ever connect the dots? Larry, tell me. How do you turn the other cheek while you fight a war of the kind you're talking about? Are you for bombing Iran? That's hellish. That wouldn't even be hitting back. That would be hitting first. That's twice as bad.

    Larry, if you follow everything that Jesus said to do, such as love your enemies and bless them that curse you and serve as the least and on and on, you are being political. Jesus is the rightful ruler even as he is the one who washes feet. Wake up. The root of politics is people. Jesus taught about how people, all people, are to be toward one another. That's politics. As for the environment, how are you going to practice the Golden Rule while you pollute all your neighbors' air and ground and water, etc.?

    When he said woe unto them, he was ranting. Was he wrong? They were wrong. They were the hypocrites. He wanted everyone to take care of everyone else. That way and only that way, everyone is tended, just as the good shepherd tends the whole flock. Why are you against him and me?

    Who gets saved? Who are the sheep versus the goats? Are the war-mongers going to be gathered with the sheep? No, they are not. If you don't like that, repent.

    Every word that comes out of his mouth saves. When he said to put up the sword, he was saving Peter. You need to turn on the light.

    You really need to re-read the Gospels. You're saying all sorts of things here that you don't understand at all. "The ONLY thing he instructed his disciples to do was to spread the GOOD NEWS that he had risen, and what that meant for mankind." It won't take you but a few minutes starting at the beginning of Matthew to run into things he told his disciples to do besides "spread the GOOD NEWS that he had risen, and what that meant for mankind."

    Who was the king of Israel? Who were its leaders? Who was in charge? Herod? The Sanhedrin? The Romans? Were they all political? Who were the Zealots? Were they political? They were for violent revolution against the occupiers and collaborators. What was Jesus's position? He went about preaching the Golden Rule and Good Samaritanism (that's every stranger being your neighbor you're supposed to love).

    Tell me, Larry. How do all the rich people in the world follow Jesus and not be communists if he said that to be perfect (and he did say to be perfect) one must give his or her all for the sake of the poor and for righteousness' sake? That's real communism. How can Christians be Christlike when he lived from one purse with his disciples?

    Why does Revelation say to "destroy them who destroy the Earth"?

    Your conclusion that because there is one God, "either he is lying to one of us, or we both found our political beliefs in other ways" is illogical. There is also Satan. You're getting God confused with Satan, who is the antichrist spirit. Where Jesus says to turn the other cheek, Satan says bomb them. Do you say bomb them? Then are you hearing God or Satan telling you what to do? You're hearing and listening to and repeating Satan, not Jesus and not God. If you don't like it, change.

    Jesus was a cultist. You use the term as a pejorative. There are good cults and evil cults. The cult of Christ is good. He also said that no one comes to God save by him, Jesus. Believe as he did and does or else. That's what he said, and he's right. It's a matter of cause and effect: Consequences for behavior. Be a war-monger, and you'll find yourself suffering your own low standard. Heaven is a meritocracy. Only the worthy enter: Those with the right emotional state (unselfishness). Your brands of conservative don't rate the unselfish seal on their foreheads do they? Aren't they about self first and foremost? Isn't that the opposite of what Jesus taught and did? Only for Jesus, the self is God and Jesus wants all to join him in that oneness. You hate that though.

    "For God so loved the world (not just the liberals) that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe in him (not just the liberals) shall be saved." You can't believe in him without believing in doing what he said to be about doing, which is exactly what your conservatives are not doing but in fact fighting against and have been since the beginning. You are believing in him with mere lip-service. Your mouth says things, but your heart is somewhere far away. You will say but Lord I professed that I believed in you. He though will say where are your works by which I said I will know you? If you really believed in his words, you'd be telling me that what I written is exactly what he'd like to find us doing.

    "For God so loved the antiwar environmentalist with communist leanings, that He sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in left wing political viewpoints shall be saved, and those who do not agree with leftwing environmentalist viewpoints will not." You don't know what you're talking about when you label me as leftwing. I don't fall on your false spectrum.

    I don't have communist leanings. I'm a communist (a Christian). I'm not though remotely a Marxists. That's what you don't seem to comprehend. I've already put the question to you about communism above. You won't be able to answer it though. To do so would be an admission of the complete and utter error of your entire worldview. You're not interested in converting to real Christianity.

    "...hostile, sarcastic, and combative" sounds just like the list of things the Pharisees would complain about. You are hostile toward Jesus. You came here to this site and submitted your comment. Do your words and your attitude stand up under your own standard, or do you have a double-standard? Sarcasm is measured. When Jesus spoke about them in parable form, they were offended. When he called them serpents to their faces, they were seething but dared not show it in the open because the people took Jesus for the prophet that he was and is. Was he being combative? Would you have gone to him to scold him as you've come here to scold me? Of course you would have. He was though telling them the truth about themselves, and he gave them the out. They could have repented. Some did. They stopped being the false-conservatives (traditionalists) of their day.

    No, there are not "reasonable, rational people in this world who do not agree with... [my] politics." To disagree with Jesus is unreasonable and irrational.

    I am not setting the rules. I'm restating the same rules. I've changed nothing. You just don't like the real rules. You hate them. You hate the implications concerning your whole lifestyle. You know that you should be changing your heart, but you don't want to give up what you have for the sake of the many. Admit it. It's the first step in salvation.

    You can't believe in his name and not do what he commanded. Give and share all with your brothers and sisters who constitute everyone. Of course, there are the rejecters. They make of themselves the seed of Satan.

    " go from claiming that you aren't being political...." I never claimed that. I'm always political. I'm never not political. Jesus was always political. You're just using the word as it has been twisted by those who seek to divorce God from the rightful state or condition of humanity.

    "God said that all I had to do was accept him and ask for forgiveness, and he would save me." Accepting him means doing his commandments. If you don't do the works he said to be doing, he won't know you. Read it for yourself. It's all right there. You just need to open your eyes and see. You aren't even looking yet.

    "He did NOT tell me that I have to pass your political test in order to get there." That's because your ears are blocked by your hardheartedness. That's the problem with everyone of your brand of conservative. You think you can be hardhearted and get into the place created for the softhearted. You know, "bleeding heart liberal, soft on terrorism, soft on communism," and on and on. All I hear from you people is be hardhearted. That's not Jesus talking. I don't hear Jesus in anything you're saying here. All I hear is disjointedness and a deliberate ignoring of Jesus's actual words in favor of some garbage passed off as theology down through the Calvinist-type ages. It's the Big Lie you've bought into, Larry.

    "I have not questioned your manhood. Yet you have questioned mine." I wasn't speaking in terms of sexual virility. I was speaking in terms of humanness: Being a real man rather than some contrived being.

    "You have not once, anywhere on your site, talked about Jesus' teachings." Now that's just a stupid, sweeping statement that you'll have to eat. Have you read the entire site? There are thousands and thousands of pages. Try reading this post. It will open in a new tab or window, so you won't lose your place in this comment. You really need those verses. You ignore them. You've jumped to wrong conclusions all over the place about what I have or haven't written. What do you want, a 30-second sound bite? If I give it to you in one word, you wouldn't understand. You aren't consistent. You have to be consistent to know the meanings of the words. That's why Jesus spoke against hypocrisy so much. You don't look for hypocrisy in yourself. You need to, or it won't be rooted out.

    "I will simply tell you that my God is not politics." You don't know what politics means.

    "...nowhere in there do I see a thing about party affiliations." Who said anything about "party affiliations"? I'm not affiliated with any secular party, but you are. You are a member of a party of coercion. You vote for those who will use violence to force your will upon others. Yet, you call yourself a Christian. You're going to vote for John McCain to be the dark prince of the worldly world if he's not too "liberal" for you. I don't vote for Caesar. You do though. Did Jesus? No he did not.

    Your way is dead. I have no part in it. You're against good stewardship of the Earth that is God's gift that you disrespect. You are for bad stewards and bad shepherds. What are you, a neocon? Are you also for torture? Are you for waterboarding people? Do you think Jesus would help restrain the person while you pour the water? Maybe you're for stress positions. Maybe you're for bearing false witness for the sake of worldly Empire building and stealing oil that you covet. Maybe you're for slavery, at least wage slavery, right? Are you one of those Dominionists? Are you one of those guys who repeat ExxonMobil's lies about carbon emissions not causing extreme weather or global warming? Did you think tobacco didn't cause cancer all those decades?

    Do you really believe that all you have to do is say I believe in Jesus and you're going to just walk right into the highest Heaven to be rewarded for all the wonderful emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds you haven't had or done about the welfare of the downtrodden?

    Okay Larry Fletcher, which Larry Fletcher are you? What city or town do you live in and are you the only Larry Fletcher there? Are you standing by your words here in the open or do you still want some cover?

    Of course, I would rather you repent and atone and start doing the deeds worthy of repentance rather than mouthing Calvinistic hypocrisy.

    May God bless you with the real truth. You sure don't have it yet, far from it.

    Tom Usher

  10. Larry Fletcher says:

    [Note from Admin.: Commentator submitted as "Larry." Amended that to "Larry Fletcher" on 6/29/2008 by Admin.]

    I see that you have blocked me from responding.

    Thank you. It proves to me what I thought already - you're not a Christian, and your website is not about religion. It's about your politics, and like every other liberal I've ever tried to have a discussion with, you cannot tolerate a debate or having your opinions questioned.

    I dare you to post my previous response. You aren't honest enough to do it.

  11. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Hello Larry,

    This is the reply to your 2008/06/28 10:46 PM comment.

    Wow, are you something! You were automatically informed with each comment submission that "Your comment is awaiting moderation." You are the only person who has ever complained that his or her comment had to be read before approved. You obviously don't realize how much foul and vulgar garbage is submitted to blogs all day, everyday. I tried allowing people to place comments before I reviewed them. At first I had no rules at all and no filtering. The vast majority of submissions were from perverts and criminal capitalists.

    So, once again, you jumped the gun and jumped to wild and unfounded conclusions.

    I'll tell you what, there hasn't been one self-styled conservative who has come to the site to honestly debate. You haven't shown it yet either, so don't go throwing stones about it. A real debate is where you don't ignore direct questions. You either answer them or concede. You've scored zero points so far. That won't change either. How do I know that? I know it because all of your theology is based upon false interpretation that has been handed down to you by selfish souls. You can't ever get it right from your position. That's just the way of it.

    You dared me to post your previous response. I'm not honest enough to do it, you say. Have you read the comments on this site? You have a hugely inflated opinion of your intellect, Larry. Did you think you were so convincing that I'd be frightened to reply? I have never blocked anyone from debating on this site. I've only blocked spam and raunch. I've censored some language that was designed to incite violence. I've trimmed down some comments that where just being redundant concerning linked material. I've never run from a debate. I've invited debate.

    What I don't like is people not admitting when they've lost the points they tried to make. We'll see whether you admit to having lost every point you tried to make. You did you know? Not one of your points stood up. They're all gone. They've all been debunked.

    Now the question is whether you'll just come back without any acknowledgement about that and try to make the same points only with slightly different wording. That gets old instantly. Don't do it. It's not debating to learn anything.

    That is the whole point here: Learning. There have been people who have come here and added comments that have been helpful in that regard. I've been led to linked material that contained new information to me that did help expand my knowledge. I'm sure visitors found it the same.

    So far, I've learned nothing from you other than that you are just another dupe, minion of the Empire and plutocrats.

    Don't be offended. Be glad you've been told. Do something about it. Change from hardhearted to softhearted. Repent and atone. Become a real Christian. That's what I want for you.


  12. Larry Fletcher says:

    [Note from Admin.: Commentator submitted as "Larry." Amended that to "Larry Fletcher" by Admin.]

    You aren't being honest. My first post showed up within seconds of posting it. Once you read it, my next post was held up. [NOTE FROM TOM: Here's Larry calling me a liar that the comments on this site are moderated.]

    I want *you* to become a real Christian, sir. I want you to turn away from trivializing God into a pawn in your political agenda, and put him where he belongs - in the center of your life. Right now the center of your life is liberal political activism.

    I get the impression that you have not experienced much of the world yourself, outside your little state. You have a narrow little world view that is nothing more than extremist liberalism run amok, typical of many in your area of the country. You're simply trying to justify your political and ideological views by claiming you are doing God's work. [I lived nearly 40 years in Goldwater country. Just because someone lives near Seattle, doesn't mean he always has. I also lived in Michigan and Oregon. I've been to 49 states, all across Canada, Mexico, and to the other side of the world. Fascists can travel too though and learn nothing about the true nature of God.]

    You're not doing God's work. You're doing *your* work.

    God's work is very straight forward. God sent his son to die for man's sins, so that we may live with him forever in heaven. All we have to do is accept him, and we are saved. That is the Good News - Jesus died for our sins, and is risen. [This is just ignoring Jesus's own words.]

    Is it good to take care of the environment? Sure. To the extremes you promote? No. Did Jesus say saving whales would get us to heaven? No. But you have made that claim. [Where did I say that saving whales would get Larry to heaven? A person can save a whale and turn around and shoot his neighbor to steal his land. The two mentalities don't usually go together though. Whale savers can sure do plenty of evils and also hate my God.] You have clearly stated that those who do not agree with you and your politics are not Christians.

    All the rest is just so much bluster as you try to defend your own little creation of what God is. You've stuffed him into a bottle so you can pour him out the way you want him to be, and you are not open to any other views. This is typical of those of your political naivety.

    "What I don't like is people not admitting when they've lost the points they tried to make. We'll see whether you admit to having lost every point you tried to make. You did you know? Not one of your points stood up. They're all gone. They've all been debunked."

    This quote above is typical of those of your political extremism. In your mind, you've beaten back every point I have made. In truth, you don't have a clue. You haven't debunked anything except in your own mind, where everything is already firmly planted and nothing else is allowed in.

    The truth is, your entire website, your entire world view, and your political ideology has been debunked. Also, your claim that it has something to do with God has been debunked - and you are the one who provided me with the evidence to debunk it.

    I'm sure you are a well meaning man. You sincerely believe what you say - but you are sincerely wrong. I will tell you once again - Jesus Christ is not a liberal, nor a conservative. He did not come to die on the cross for the environment, or for political ideology. When he said "turn the other cheek", he was talking about how you treat other individuals, not about war. When he said "love one another", that did not mean be an antiwar pacifist. Some wars must be fought, and in fact are the best way to show your love for others. For example, when millions of people are being raped, killed, tortured, and starved by a small group of evil men, the most loving act one can perform is to stand up against those doing the oppressing and free those who are being oppressed. To bring it closer to home - if you came home and found a man in your house had killed your children and was in the process of raping and killing your wife, your twisted version of what Jesus taught means that you cannot as a good Christian lift a finger to stop it. You must "turn the other cheek". And your extremism does not allow you to accept the possibility that you have an obligation to God to protect your family from harm. So you stand there and watch as you live out your perverted utopian dreamworld. [I answer this below. Let me say here though that "perverted" connotes wrong as Larry has used it and intends it here. What is wrong with peace, giving and sharing all, and sexual purity and all the rest of the good that is only consistent with those things? As for utopia, Heaven exists for me, utopia doesn't.]

    I think that if Jesus was to walk up to the situation he would condemn you for standing there and not defending your family. I think he will also condemn you for standing in the way of the efforts to free millions of his children in other lands. [Jesus didn't defend his own fleshly or spiritual family in the way Larry would have us all do. He knowingly sent them as sheep to the slaughter (read it), which they were (slaughtered) by the likes of the Larrys (killers) of the world, who hate people such as yours truly: Antiwar pacifists. If Jesus were to condemn me for the reasons Larry has here, Jesus would be the biggest liar who ever walked the Earth.]

    The long and short of this - you are a kook. You are a political ideologue, hiding behind a false facade of religion. Your website, and your religion, is nothing more than an extremist ideological rant. You want to lead people to Christ? Stop telling half the country that they can't be saved because of their politics. [Who said half? How can the so-called liberal Democrats who blow off Jesus escape damnation either? Many more of them though don't claim Christianity. It's worst for the so-called conservative Republicans many more of whom profess Christ. Look, you're missing the whole point of this blog. I am only saying what I would love to have heard from the beginning. Greed and violence are evil. You won't admit it.]

    Politics has nothing - I repeat.... NOTHING - to do with God. [The Kingdom of God is God's politics. It's God's government/state. Why don't you understand the meaning of the term "politics"?]

    I pray that God will give you the wisdom at some point in your life to see the foolishness of the religion you have created for yourself.

  13. Larry Fletcher says:

    A couple more points:

    In your first response to me you chastised me for not including my last name, accusing me of all sorts of evils for not doing so. ["chastised" is a mischaracterization] Once I gave you my last name you stated that last names weren't required (a point you have no choice but to cede) and then demanded that I tell you what city and town I'm from. If I provided you with that, what would you ask for next in your weak attempt to discredit me - my driver's license number?

    My leaving out my last name didn't show my argument to be weak - but your responses to that have shown *your* argument to be weak. You cannot win in a debate of ideas, so like every other left wing extremist, you resort to petty little games. [Jesus preached in the open without hiding his identity. You came here to run me down and to judge and condemn me claiming I don't hold with Jesus while you on the other hand do hide your identity from the public.]

    But the main point of this post:

    You mention that Jesus told Peter to put down his sword. My question: If Jesus was a pacifist and taught his disciples to be pacifists, why did Peter have a sword in the first place?[If you don't know this, how can you know all the other things you've alleged against me? If you can't interpret the verse, then how can you be right that greed, violence, and such lusts in general are what Jesus supports?]

    Jesus told Peter to put down his sword because in that particular situation he did not want to be defended. His very reason for being on earth in the first place was coming to a head. He knew he would be arrested, and crucified. The last thing he wanted at that moment was for Peter or anyone else to try to stop it from happening. [At other times, he let Peter just carve people up though is your position. Jesus said to Peter, "Peter, there's someone raping someone. Go cut his throat." Is that what you think about Jesus? That's not how I read the Gospels.]

    But Peter had a sword, and Jesus knew it. Peter carried a sword because contrary to your view of what "turn the other cheek" means, Jesus, and Peter, knew exactly what it meant. And they knew that it had nothing to do with self defense, or defending someone who needed defending. In other words, Peter carried a sword with Jesus being fully aware of it because they knew there might be situations where it would be needed. [Peter carried a sword at that point but not after because he hadn't yet seen the whole light, just as you haven't yet seen it.]

  14. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Hello Larry Fletcher,

    Please use your first and last name so your comments will be cross-referenced in the database. I don't want to have to keep manually adding your last name to your comments. Also, clear the url line and put in a blank space before you submit. "none" is a dead link that the search engines are indexing. It's bad form.

    To your comment, I asked you for your full name. I did not require it. You said I required it. I clarified that I did not. Don't try to put words in my mouth. You aren't capable.

    You gave your last name. That though does not identify you from all the other Larry Fletcher's in the world. My point is that you don't seem to have the courage of your stated convictions. If you have nothing to hide or you aren't ashamed of your statements made on this site, why do balk so about identifying yourself so that no other Larry Fletcher can possibly be confused with you?

    "...a point you have no choice but to cede," you say. I'm not ceding a point. You didn't make the point. I did. You incorrectly stated that I required your last name.

    Last names are not required of people to submit comments. People use handles on this site.

    I though use my name everywhere I comment. My comments are linked back to my site. My address is here, and I'm in the book. I'm not hiding who I am. I'm not worried about anyone connecting what I've written with me. That's my point.

    If you aren't worried about being connected with what you've written here, why do you call it a game? It's no game. Jesus preached openly. You aren't doing that yet.

    Why am I asking you when I haven't asked everyone else? It's been building up to this. You're the one the Holy Spirit sent here to be so challenged. That's the way it is, unless you don't believe in the Holy Spirit.

    Your driver's license number is not required for people to separate you from the other Larry Fletchers. I asked what city or town you live in. If a street address is required because you aren't the only Larry Fletcher in your town, then that would help. Maybe you're a Sr. or a Jr. too. You'd have to anticipate and clarify. If you want to mask your identity, that's up to you, but it speaks volumes about your character whether you like it or not.

    So, you don't know why Peter carried a sword when he did.

    When Jesus sent them out in pairs, he told them to buy swords. They said they had two. He said "enough." Now, since you think you're so smart and you want to justify yourself on this site, how could two swords be enough for all those pairs? That's not a rhetorical question. You've been shooting your mouth off here. Now put up. Interpret the scripture. Let's see whether the Holy Spirit will give you the answer.

    Understand that when Jesus asked them questions and they didn't answer, he didn't answer them.

    I know the answer to your question, and it isn't the one you've given. You aren't even close to the answer. In fact, you have it exactly backwards, just the way so many of the unbelievers were confused by Jesus's parables.

    What are you going to tell me next with your literalism, that Jesus was telling people to be cannibals and vampires when he said we have to eat his flesh and drink his blood? That's the level you're on concerning the sword Peter had. Now, I've given you a huge hint as to how to look at the issue of Peter's sword. If you can't arrive at the answer, stop trying to imagine that you are capable of leading people to Jesus and salvation.

    The truth, Larry, are you going to be blessed with it or not? Let's see. Show us.

    Tom Usher

  15. Larry Fletcher says:

    "criminal capitalists"

    You believe that capitalists are criminals? How funny!! What biblical principle do you base that one on?

    Are you aware that "criminal capitalism" is why we have the living standards we have now? Are you aware that "criminal capitalism" has done more to lift people out of poverty, disease, and despair than any other system known to man?

    Are you aware that Jesus did not come here to bother with the issues of this world, but the next?

    Jesus wasn't a communist NOR a capitalist. He was not concerned with those issues - YOU are. He was concerned with the salvation of mankind, and the world after this - YOU *aren't*. You're only concerned with politics.

    "Criminal capitalist" indeed...

  16. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Hello Larry,

    "criminal capitalists"

    You believe that capitalists are criminals? How funny!! What biblical principle do you base that one on?

    It is quickly becoming tedious trying to correct all of your jumping to false conclusions.

    I said that the site was spammed by criminal capitalists. Don't you believe there are criminals who are capitalist? There are websites, especially blogs and forums, that receive hundreds of spam submissions per day. Sometimes, one hundred of them will be for illegal drugs. The people doing the spamming own their illegal enterprises. They are attempting to make capitalist profits.

    You though have to jump to the conclusion you have.

    Of course, capitalism is not Holy. See the series "Libertarian Capitalism: False Shepherds" on this site:

    It deals with all of your libertarian nonsense. Now it's coming out more who you are.

    You are a literalist and cannot understand where Jesus stood and stands on money and capitalism. You have a great deal to learn. I suggest you read the whole series before you comment again. Also, if you disagree, maybe you should say so and then walk away.

    I'm not going to provide you with a soap box. You get one of those yourself. WordPress offers free blogging. Google does too. This is not your blog.

    I'll deal with people who really want to delve into how and why the conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats are astray, but you aren't going to endlessly preach commerce in my house. Jesus cleaned the temple of the money-changers, and I'm not letting them back in. I'm doing the work Jesus was doing to end up with an Earth completely the house of God in all ways and forevermore.

    Are you aware that "criminal capitalism" is why we have the living standards we have now?

    The living standard is the result of negative exploitation that has resulted in criminal environmental pollution and destruction. It is not additive. It is rather devouring. You're blind to that though.

    Are you aware that "criminal capitalism" has done more to lift people out of poverty, disease, and despair than any other system known to man?

    Capitalism has done the opposite of what you've stated. If it weren't for capitalism, there wouldn't be poverty. All the chemicals and other pollutants are bringing more and more disease. It isn't sustainable. That's why it will fall. Your house is coming down. It is inherently divided and cannot stand.

    Are you aware that Jesus did not come here to bother with the issues of this world, but the next?

    Feeding the hungry is not an issue of this world you say. How wrong can one be? Being a Good Samaritan is for the here and now, Larry.

    Jesus wasn't a communist NOR a capitalist. He was not concerned with those issues - YOU are. He was concerned with the salvation of mankind, and the world after this - YOU *aren't*. You're only concerned with politics.

    Jesus lived out of one purse. That's communist. What do you call it? His Apostles continued the practice. You just ignore and ignore and ignore.

    "Criminal capitalist" indeed...

  17. Larry Fletcher says:

    Tom, where is the post that I wrote before the last two? Are you holding it back for some reason?

  18. Larry Fletcher says:

    Tom, this will be my last post to this site. I realize now that there is no one here but you, and you're just a fruitcake who thinks he can justify his silly political views with his own made up religion.

    I have known many fine biblical scholars, many educated men who know the scripture. I've even been to seminary myself. [The Sanhedrin was loaded with them, and they didn't comprehend, just as you don't comprehend. Also, you don't know about my education.] You are so thoroughly misguided that it's really sad. Your knowledge of scripture is poor, your understanding of what you read is poor, and your politics are foolish. Don't try to pretend you've shown me anything worthwhile in your rants [There you are reading with your own tone of voice superimposing it on me.], you're only fooling yourself and whatever smattering of other leftwing nutcases who might blow through.

    There's not a single theologian of any stripe [I'll leave that to Jesus and my God.] who would not laugh you out of the room with your childish [Why is it childish because just like Jesus, I won't kill for you?] interpretations of scripture. People who find your brand of politics rational are what's called "Bobble Heads". [Who calls me a bobble head, you? So what? The Pharisees called Jesus a demon.] You talk loud [That's your voice in your head.] and long, and in your mind you think you have "The Truth" - but you're just one step away from being committed. [Yes, that's what they do. Speak too much truth and they crucify you. Will you help them to do that?] Heck, even an educated communist would laugh you out of the room with the nonsense you push. [I certainly hope that a coercive, Godless Marxist will disagree with me until he or she sees the light. Is this your logic? Where's the meat? First you say how wrong educated Communists are, and then you use them to try to convince others that you're right and I'm wrong.]

    You say "Capitalism has done the opposite of what you've stated. If it weren't for capitalism, there wouldn't be poverty. " That is the stupidest remark I've ever heard. You see what you want to see. You talk about chemicals - but you ignore the fact that capitalism is what put that computer in front of you, that car in your driveway, the house you live in, and provided the job that pays your bills. I assume you do have a job? Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than anything else in history. It has raised the living standards of more people than anything else in history. What has your communism done, other than to impoverish people by the millions, and cause untold millions to be killed. [The problem with your view is that you can't see the world as other than this either/or you're painting. I'm comparing capitalist against Heaven, not the Communist Party of Stalin or Mao Zedong, with whom I don't hold at all, just as I don't hold with George W. Bush or with you. Try arguing against my position rather than Stalin's here.]

    You want to know about communism, sport? Ask the Chinese how they like it. Ask the Russians how they liked it. Guess what, fruitcake - they'd give *anything* to get out of it. Communism is a failure, and has been a failure everywhere it's been tried. No one with an ounce of intelligence would even think about wanting a communist system. And no one who actually knew anything about scripture would make the stupid claim that Jesus was a communist. [According to your position, the Apostles in Acts just didn't live as they did.

    "And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need." (Acts 2:43-45 KJVR)


    "Jesus lived out of one purse. That's communist."

    You're ridiculous. That has nothing to do with being a communist any more than car pooling makes you a communist. It was how they paid their way on their travels. It wasn't a political statement, nor was it something he ever instructed everyone else to do. [Being a Christian isn't being Christlike? It isn't to live as he lived and as the original Church lived? What seminary did you attend? I want to be sure to tell people that they'll have their heads filled with falsehoods there if they aren't on guard.] This is just one more example of your delusional and quite frankly, ignorant twisting of scripture in your attempt to justify your warped politics.

    "Feeding the hungry is not an issue of this world you say. How wrong can one be? Being a Good Samaritan is for the here and now, Larry."

    Well, your answer has absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked of you. But since you brought it up - do you know what has fed more hungry people than anything in history? Capitalism. Do you know what has caused the starvation of more people in the world than anything else in history? Communism. [Not the kind Jesus lived and still lives and the kind I'm talking about. You're talking about something else.]

    "The living standard is the result of negative exploitation that has resulted in criminal environmental pollution and destruction. It is not additive. It is rather devouring. You're blind to that though."

    Tom, I'm sorry, but that is about the silliest, most addle headed nonsense I believe I've ever heard come from a leftwing fruitcake. [You like that word, "fruitcake."] You're off the ranch there, fella. Most of the people who could read that nonsense and agree with it drool on their shoes. [Greedy capitalist corporatists have been responsible for criminal environmental pollution and destruction on a huge scale and still getting worse in spite of the efforts of so many others who can think about other then themselves for the time they're here. That's a fact. Some of the damage those greedy swine, as Jesus calls them, have done is going to cause problems on this Earth until God clears them by direct intervention.]

    "I'll deal with people who really want to delve into how and why the conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats are astray, but you aren't going to endlessly preach commerce in my house."

    Thank you, Tom. What you're actually telling me is that you aren't accustomed to having to defend your silly views, and it makes you uncomfortable. [You haven't even come close to this. You haven't said one new thing here. It's all been said in one form or another before by other commentators on this site who did a better job of thinking about these things by a long shot. Get a grip on your ego, Larry.] So, you're going to take your marbles and go home instead of defend your delusional nonsense. Obviously, the only challenge you've ever faced has been from those with limited knowledge [Better educated people and more capable debaters have been here before you.] to argue against your silliness, and you've always managed to shout [Shout? Someone asking you who you are and to identify yourself, as Jesus didn't hide himself, is shouting in your book?] them down quickly with stunts [Stunt? It showed your lack of character and your lack of courage of your convictions. It was no stunt.] like you pulled with your "tell me your last name - now tell me your home address" nonsense - a ruse that made you look like a fool, I might add.

    Tom, good luck with your little blog. I hope that someday you'll take the time to actually get an education in both religion and politics, for as it stands right now you have come to a gunfight carrying a butter knife, and even hair minded communists would think you a fool. [Actually, I'm carrying the sword Jesus said he wanted his disciples to buy and to carry, but you don't know what that sword is since you think it's the one made of metal you can buy in a mundane sword shop. Here you are also again saying that even fools think I'm a fool as if that proves me wrong. Where did you study logic? People can be warned about that place too along with your seminary.]

  19. Larry Fletcher says:

    One last thing in response to your ever increasing demands for my personal information:

    There is no way that I would give you that information Tom because based on the fanatical fantasy land you've created here and the schizophrenic responses you've given to the things I've said, I have every reason to be concerned that you might be one of those guys who one day gets up from his navel gazing and come to my home and try to harm my family.

  20. Mars Colony says:

    Love the way you deal with opposing views there, Tom. So much love, you know it's true!

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Hello Mars Colony,

      What does "Mars Colony" signify?

      "Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him."  (Luke 17:3 KJVR)

      "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"  (Matthew 23:33 KJVR)

      "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:26 KJVR)

      At that time Jesus answered and said, "I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes." (Matthew 11:25 KJVR)

      I hold completely with those sentiments in their fullest contexts. They offend others. Real love though is cleaning the temple. Love is the love of truth, not popularity with those who hate it.

      Do you agree?

      I curse none.

      Blessings To All,

      Tom Usher

  21. Phil Dross says:

    Yo Tom, liberal christianity is bull[deleted]! I hope you have the [deleted] topost my comment and if you don't ,[deleted] YOU and your commie beliefs.

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      But he turned, and said unto Peter, "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." (Matthew 16:23)

      He's talking about you there.

      It would help if you were to actually read the whole post and consider everything before commenting. You don't know the meaning of the terms. You don't know Jesus Christ, who is the truth.

      Repent or else.

      That's not a threat. That's truth-telling. It will save you if you'll let it.

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